Left to right: Chad Slaughter, president, Anthony Icenhower, operations manager, Marc Logazino, health and safety manager, Suzanne Babb, Chamber of Commerce, executive director.


While admittedly not the most exciting member of the De Queen/Sevier County Chamber of Commerce. CTS Services of Benton — with a location in Lockesburg — provides a service that while seemingly mundane to ordinary folks, is vital and sometimes critical to the business that they service. 

CTS Services is in the industrial-environmental clean-up business and for more than 20 years has been providing industrial vacuum services, using a variety of vacuum trucks that can transport as much as 6,000 gallons of liquid. They also provide high pressure water blasting (hydroblasting), with a variety of heads and attachments to clean tanks, lines, ductwork and floors. They can clean tanks as small as 100 gallons and as large as 3,000,000 gallons. As they’re cleaning tanks, their trucks vacuum the water and sludge, which they’ll dispose of or leave it for the company they’re working for to dispose of. 

They do annual and bi-annual cleaning when plants close down for mostly 24-hour maintenance catch-up, making the equipment clean and safe for workers. They respond to emergency shutdowns as well, closures that can cost a company plenty. 

The company was founded in Benton by the company’s owner and president, Chad Slaughter. According to Operations Manager Anthony Icenhower, CTS contracts with paper mills, chemical plants as well as chicken plants and others. He said that the company has qualified personnel that are stands rescue in case someone passes out or has an emergency in the sometimes “confined” spaces they have to work in, a scenario he has seen only once, as has Slaughter.

Icenhower said that many jobs require a worker to enter a confined space through manholes between 24 and 36 inches and that they have the capability to monitor the air quality in the space as they work. 

“Everyone is trained for respirator use,” he said, noting that they use rescue equipment that everyone has to be trained in. 

CTS Services also offers training classes and offer OSHA, HazOper, RECRA and DOT training. They do confined space training and confined space rescue training. 

Icenhower said that they joined the chamber to help the community out and try to be a good working member and said that they’ve sponsored and donated to a number or programs that are chamber related. 

“We love having members like CTS Industries,” said Chamber Director Suzanne Babb. “They do give back a lot to the community in so many ways; in sponsorships and donations and support. The chamber really does appreciate members like this. We love our members.”

“It’s a good match for both of us,” Slaughter said.

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