Nancy Resendiz

Nancy Resendiz and her son, Jeremy, at Resendiz family’s nursery.

It’s spring time and with summer on the horizon, it’s time to clean up the yard and make it more comfortable and appealing for those upcoming days of relaxing outdoors. For many, it’s not just a matter of mowing the lawn and raking up the leaves, but spring is the best time of year to create a flower garden, plant trees and shrubs and decorate in a way that brings warmth to your yard. 

Nancy Resendiz, who with her husband, Carmen, owns Resendiz Nursery and Resendiz Landscape and Lawn Care in De Queen, is an expert, schooled in landscape design. For over 20 years she has played a role in the lawn care and landscape design business, adding a nursery in 2012, to her beautifully manicured homestead on Red Bridge Road. 

The family business is all family, with Nancy’s son, Jeremy, and daughter, Brandi, also taking responsibility for keeping the plants in the nursery healthy and pitching in when needed. If you’re not sure how to keep your own yard in tip-top condition, she has plenty of wise advice as to what you need, where you need it and when.  

“Lawns are starting to get ready to be mowed now,” Resendiz said. “You can spray them for weeds, you can start getting your bedding plants put in. I don’t think we’re going to get another freeze this year. Usually by mid-April we’re done with the frost. If we do get a freeze, you can cover them with plastic.”

For many homeowners, different areas of the yard will need different plants, For shady areas, Resendiz recommends begonias and New Guinea impatiens, which she said are “very pretty.”

“They have a nice size flower on them and they bloom almost all summer long,” she said. 

In sunny areas of the yard, Resendiz recommends vinca plants, which are flowery, good for flower beds and cover a lot of area for a low cost. 

“Petunias are good in the sun, we have waves and what we call crazy petunias,” she said. “Very big sellers the last few years.” 

She also recommended zinnias, marigolds and geraniums for those sunny areas. 

As for shrubbery, Resendiz said that woodline shrub was popular for bordering property and another good choice was red tip photonias and wax leaf ligustrums. 

“We have several evergreen junipers that are not so much wide but they grow taller and they cover fence row very well,” she said. “We have a lot of things that you can put between you and and your neighbors and you don’t have to see your neighbors.”

If you’re looking to make some shade in the yard, Resendiz recommends oak trees, tulip poplars, and naples. As for fruit trees that grow well in southwestern Arkansas, she said that peaches, apples and plums are the trees you want in the yard. She said that she no longer carries cherry trees though she’ll get them for people that do want to plant them. She said that grapes, muscadine and blueberry trees also do well on this side of Arkansas. 

If you want more information about what’s good for your yard, contact Nancy on Facebook at Resendiz Landscape and Lawn Care. 

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