Erika and Josefina Buenrrostro

Erika and Josefina Buenrrostro

If you’re shopping for something — for anything — Miscelena JB on Stilwell between the railroad tracks might just be the place to find it. The store has everything, including a taco stand (Lonchera JB) featuring Mexican “street food” out front in case you get hungry shopping or just want some “street” cuisine. On top of that, you can pay just about any bill you have, from Sattelite TV to gas and electric. Need to wire money somewhere, Miscelana JB can take care of that for you.

The business was started in 2003 by Jose and Josefina Buenrrostro and moved to its current location in 2005. Forw Jose, who hails from Mexico City, it was always his dream to be a business owner. While he ran his own grocery store in Mexico City, he came to De Queen and began a store that sold groceries and much, much more. 

The store is filled with all kinds of goods and merchandise with barely a corner left unfilled. They sell shirts and jackets for adults and children, hats and scarves, pots and pans from small to gigantic sizes to accommodate indoor and outdoor cooking, bags, blankets, sheets, dresses, pants, baby bibs, shoes, soccer cleats, bras, boxing gloves, socks, stockings and underwear. On one rack hang a pair of glossy, colored guitars ready to play, and on another shelf there are ceramic cow and piggy banks alongside ceramic pitchers, dolls dressed in fancy dresses and artificial flower displays. There are gas stoves with single or double burners on them and every kitchen utensil you might need to use including grinding bowls. 

They have rows of toys and stuffed animals, paintings and mirrors. Clay pots, dinner and tea sets, purses and gas lamps. Do you need a ceramic frog holding salt and pepper shakers? They’re on a shelf here next to the pig holding salt and pepper shakers one shelf above the cat and dog holding a salt and pepper shaker. You can pick up a wooden tortilla press, or a tin one, whatever your style is. Pick up some sunglasses or make-up, jewelry or a belt. 

Then there are authentic Mexican groceries, drinks and products, for those that enjoy ethnic cuisine and especially those that are far from their homeland and miss the food from back home. 

“It’s in my veins,” Jose said about the business. “We’ve got a little of everything.” 

He said that De Queen is the best place to live and have a business in that there are no beer sales, no casinos, but there are churches. 

The Buenrrostro’s joined the local chamber of commerce in January. 

“We felt it was important to become a part of the chamber especially at this time when there’s not a lot of Spanish representation in the chamber at this time,” said the Buenrrostro’s daughter, Erika, who is the Center for Student Success Coordinator at UA Cossatot. She said that due to language difficulties, most of the town and county’s Hispanic businesses don’t join because they don’t understand the benefits of being a part of the chamber. She said that through the chamber, they hope to get people to know the business.

“The De Queen/Sevier County Chamber of Commerce is grateful to have Miscelena JB as a member of the chamber family,” said chamber director Suzanne Babb. “We welcome businesses or individuals, and membership cost is based on the number of employees. If you would like to join, please contact the chamber at 870-584-3225 or”

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