Gillham Volunteer Fire Department members held their scoring for the Big Buck Contest Saturday, Jan. 5 at 1 p.m. Winners were as follows: Men’s division, Randy Cole of Gillham, first place with a 10 point; second place kid’s division, Mason Dean, age 11, of Lockesburg with an eight point and third place, women’s division, Kelsie Richardson of Gillham with a 10 point. There was a great turnout stated Kaci Helms and Harrell Sherwood did a great job scoring the deer. Congratulations to all!

Preston Louis Barnes, age 66, passed away Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2019. He was a resident of Konawa, Okla. He was a graduate of the Gillham High School. He was buried on Jan. 5, 2019 in the Valley Cemetery in Gillham. Floyd Morris stated he was a great basketball player. Many posted prayers for the family.

Starla Bleifus shared a link about another Gillham High School graduate. Jackie Frachiseur Icenhower was named KPYN Radio’s, Atlanta 2018 Woman of the Year. She has been the Director of the Atlanta Public Library for more than 13 years. Jackie is a successful grant writer and is known as “Sugar” by her two granddaughters. During her time at the library, the number of people coming to the library annually has risen by 10,000. She has taught for 16 years in public and private schools. You can read the entire link at I would love to meet this lady in person.

Mrs. Madeline Beaton, resident of Gillham, had several family members to visit and they stopped by the Gillham Library Saturday, Dec. 29. Bobby Beaton graduated from Gillham High School in 1975. Reva Kitchens, alumni president, met Bobby and his wife, Tina, at the library and gave them the grand tour along with Evan Beaton, Jason, his wife, Yvonne, sons, Landon, Ayden and daughter, Zoe Beaton from White Hall, Texas. 

Also in the group was Cynthia Kester, granddaughter-in-law and wife of Shaun Kester and Madeline’s grandson of De Queen. It was neat to hear the halls of the old Gillham High School echo with the voice of little Zoe! There is a feeling of nostalgia when you step into the auditorium!

Norma Roden, of Gillham, had a new year’s surprise visit from her granddaughter, Toni Moore, of Graham, Texas. She got to visit for about an hour. She is the daughter of Queta Bryan.

We were listening to the police scanner on Thursday, Jan. 3, because it was a rainy day, when the call came in about an accident at the Polk County and Gillham line. A car had hit a light pole, which caused power to go out in Gillham for over an hour. 

Three of the Gillham Fire Department volunteers were called out to help with traffic control for over three hours. Then a call came in reference to north of the county, that a log truck overturned with logs all over the highway at 27 and 71. Not long after that a call came in reporting an accident at the four-way in De Queen. This was not a good day for our sheriff’s deputies, police, EMTs and the many volunteers out in the cold rainy weather. It was stated by one of the Gillham volunteers it took them over an hour to stop shivering and warm up. Hats off to all of you!

Mrs. Jean Wise, age 90, a resident of Grannis, passed away Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2019. She was born Aug. 11, 1928 in the town of Layer, England to Alfred and Winifred Page Curtis. Mrs. Wise was a homemaker and member of the Grannis Baptist Church. Funeral services were held Saturday, Jan. 5, 2019, with Pastor John Wisinger officiating. Burial followed in the Grannis Cemetery.

The news of the old Wickes EZ Mart being removed generated a bit of interest from our last article. I contacted Wickes City Hall to inquire if there was something new planned in the future for the property. My source stated nothing new is planned because it is too close to the highway.

I would like to give a heads-up on the upcoming super blood wolf lunar eclipse that will take place on January 20, 2019, a Sunday. My source states it will be in progress from about 11:41 p.m., so you may want to start watching a little earlier. It will last a bit over an hour. It will be able to be seen across North America. I am a bit of a star watcher myself. We did not get to see the meteor shower that took place Wednesday night on Jan. 2 due to the cloud cover.  There is nothing so grand than to look at the stars on a clear night in rural Arkansas around 2 a.m. drinking a cup of hot tea!

I want to remind everyone the Gillham Library hours have changed, as of January, 2019. We are open only on Tuesday and Saturdays 9-5. Lunch is from 12 to 1.

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