Janie Whisenhunt secretary and bookkeeper for the city of Gillham informed me the city of Gillham Park gates are now open. There is no playground equipment but the tennis courts are accessible for use. She stated the city council voted to purchased Christmas decorations for the city streets and will be up for the 2018 holiday season. She also, said she is still getting complaints for dogs running loose in the city. Dogs have been reported to have killed chickens, and barking and threatening walkers. The city has a leash law and if your dog is accompanying you on your walk, you must have them on a leash. 

It was seen on social media Gillham resident Carolyn Vaught, had a ‘50s Rock & Roll surprise birthday party Oct. 20. It was truly a “total surprise” and from the photos, looks like everyone had a grand time!

The first cool temperatures brought out the firewood. A large fire was built at the home of  Larry and Michelle Bohannon of Gillham, Saturday night, Oct. 20. A potluck fed everyone who attended. Michelle’s mother, Francis Morris, was able to attend after her hip operation. She stated she stayed in the house and played with the grandkids. 

Marcus Rosson, son of Marc and Dianne Rosson of Gillham, turned 16 on Wednesday, Oct. 24. When asked what he wanted for his birthday, he said, “just to go deer hunting.” He got his wish and brought home a nice looking doe!

The Gillham Library will have the Food for Fines and the Mr. Rogers Sweater Drive Nov. 1-30. All food and sweaters collected will be distributed in the Gillham area. For details, come by the library on Tuesday and Thursday,  9-5 a.m. and Saturday, 9-2 a.m., or call 870-386-5665.

The First Baptist Church of Gillham had their Fall Festival Oct. 27. They had a potluck dinner, cake/cookie walk, bobbed for apples and a hay ride around Gillham. Christa Lynn Johnston and husband Robert, Jr., attended, visiting from Choudrant, La. It was good to see her father and mother, John and Sarah Oliver of Gillham in attendance after his long stay in the hospital. Troy McBroom stated they had about 30 all total and were joined in with the games and fellowship by the Vandervoort FBC Youth. He also stated that on Sunday, Nov. 4, they will be attending a Judgement House event at FBC of Heavener, Okla. Immediately after services in Gillham, they will leave to meet up with Vandervoort FBC in Mena for lunch, then travel through the scenic drive to arrive at Heavener Runestone state park for dinner before attending the Judgement House event at 6 p.m. He also said there is space available if anyone would like to make plans to join them. 

We are sorry to report the passing of Raymond Leonard Sheldon, Jr., 63, a  resident of Gillham, on Wednesday, Oct. 24. He was survived by his wife, Patricia Jo-Ann Smith Sheldon; two sons, Andrew and Brandon Sheldon, all of Gillham; one sister, Jeannie Sheldon of Washington; one brother, Tony Sheldon of Florida. 

We want to mention the passing of June Dee Beutelschies King on Oct. 11, at age 93. She was a graduate of the Old Gillham High School in 1942. After she and her husband, John, retired to De Queen, she volunteered for the Sevier County Historical Society and was appointed director of the Sevier County Museum, which she helped to establish.      

We want to remind everyone there is still time to sign up for the Gillham Volunteer Fire Department Big Buck Contest.  $10 entry fee. Deadline to enter is Nov. 9. To enter, call: Kaci @870-784-6136, Marc @ 870-584-9434, Karen @ 870-582-5574.You can read all the details by picking up a flier at the Gillham Library, Gillham Post Office and the Gillham Fire Dept.

Faith Lynch of Wickes, has reported the Ross-Tunnel American Legion Hut #249 at Wickes has been rescued after several decades. It is due to the efforts of Gary Decker, also, of Wickes. There are plans for putting new gravel down for the parking lot, a new flag pole, and a new Legion Post sign. There are additional plans for bathrooms, kitchen with a stove, refrigerator and sinks. The building will be cleaned and the roof painted along with handicap accessibility ramps put in place. State grants will also be applied for in the future. 

Midterm voting will be on Nov. 6. I have been informed by JerriAnn Ybarra, who will be working the voting center in Gillham, located in the De Queen Mena Education Co-op, 305 Hornberg Ave., you will be able to vote at any of the voting centers located in Sevier County no matter your place of residence. This was confirmed by the Sevier County Clerk’s office. 

I was invited by one of the young patron’s of the Gillham Library, Emma Bass, daughter of Hank and Reva Kitchens, to attend her 4th grade class program on Thursday, Oct. 25 at the De Queen High School auditorium. I was pleasantly surprised to see it was a singing tribute to the United States of America. All the 4th grade classes performed in the program. It began with the Pledge of  Allegiance, then the singing of the National Anthem. Spelling out the word America in song was sung throughout. In groups of two and three 4th graders stepping to the front of the stage, they sang each name of the presidents of the U.S. while others sang each of the 50 states! In the middle of the program there was a pause and all veterans were asked to stand in the audience and given a round of applause and a thank you for their service.  

The singing continued about the land of the free and the Bill of Rights, along with the Constitution and the preamble. All this was sung to the various kinds of music, rap, rock and roll, country and more. There was an appearance of Uncle Sam, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Betsy Ross and what they were famous for in history.  

I questioned Emma’s mother if she helped her to learn all the names and she said Emma was given a CD and learned all on her own as well as the other 4th grade students. This was a fast pace and most enjoyable program. If you know of anyone who videoed this program I hope you get the opportunity to watch it. Maybe someone will put it on You Tube; I will be looking if it makes the cut and pass the info on.

One other reminder, this next Saturday night is the dreaded time change, we will move back, (fall back) our clocks one (1) hour. 

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