On Friday, Nov. 9, winners of Mr. Mike’s Medal of Honor Essay Contest were announced during assembly at Cossatot River High School. The subject was 2018 Medal of Honor recipient U.S.A.F. Sgt. John A. Chapma. Winners were: Manuel E. Amador, $100 Union Bank Grand Prize, Kelci Frachiseure $50 Freedom Pharmacy Award, Jackson Day $25 RE/Max and Farm Bureau Award. Also winning $10 grade level prizes were: 7th grade: (tie) Edwyn Luna, Lyniya Treadway-Rundel and Ethan Youngblood, 8th grade: Melissa Oglesby, 9th grade: (tie) Baylee Davis and Jacob Richardson, 10th grade: Alishia Thompson, 11th grade: (tie) Katelyn Cox and Dylan Whorton, and 12th grade: Brandon Williams.  Congratulations to them and all who submitted essay! 

Cossatot River High School Library hosted on Nov. 15, Arkansas author, James Babb, for book sales and signing, The Devil’s Backbone. He also wrote The Devil’s Trap and The Devil’s Den. The books are about  the adventure of 14-year-old Brody and all the pitfalls he encounters, and there are many. I did not get to attend the signing but the Gillham Library has  the trilogy in our Young Adult section ready for check out!

The cold temperatures we had last week got the deer and the deer hunters moving. Twelve-year-old John McBroom, son of Dale and Kimberly McBroom of Grannis, harvested his first deer this season, an 8-point buck! His mom and dad are very proud of him. Dad commented hunting is an amazing way to provide food for families. Way to go John!

The Gillham Volunteer Fire Dept. Big Buck Contest registration is closed so I contacted Chief Rosson to find out the number of folks who entered in the three divisions, trying to see what my odds are. He stated there were 32 signed up.  Seven youth, nine women, and 16 men.  Odds are looking pretty good!

Our Gillham Postmaster, Kaci Helms’ son Eachan, harvested his very first deer  this season, an 8-point buck. Eachan is 10 years old, his brother Karder who is 8, captured him a spike!  

When interviewing Eachan and Karder about their hunting experience, they told me they had been blood trailing their mom’s deer for five hours. Five hours? It was a 12-point buck. They used three dogs but no luck. Kaci stated she is stilling hoping to find him once the buzzards start circling. Talk about tenacity!

Dianne Rosson’s kiddos are selling raffle tickets for the Sevier County 4-H. Tickets cost $20 each. A total of 500 tickets will be sold. The prize is $2,500.  Drawing will be held Dec. 3. If you want to buy a ticket, please let Dianne know, and she will bring them by your home. She said the 4-H kiddos will put this to good use. 870-582-1738

Michelle Bohannon of Gillham attended the University of Texas at Arlington for training to become a Special Government Employee (SGE) with the Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP). VPP is a partnership with a company’s employees, management and OSHA for a healthier and safer workforce. Michelle will now be able to mentor other companies coming into the VPP program, and also participate in VPP evaluation audits with OSHA.  Congratulations Michelle!

Karen Elmore and her daughter Brandi Martin residents of Gillham were recently give fourteen chickens and one very big rooster.  They were donated by the Wisinger family of Wickes.  Karen’s excitement of this gift was like a child in a candy store. 

The Gillham Library held its second annual Craft, Bake and Book Sale, Saturday, Nov. 17.  We also hosted our Story Time and Craft Day. The children had a good time making their turkey from everyday household items. The things you can make with decorated duck tape are amazing.  The creation was put together by JerriAnn Kelley Ybarra. You can view photos on the Gillham Library face book page.  

The Gillham Library will be closed Thursday, Nov. 22 and Saturday, Nov. 24, and will reopen Tuesday, Nov. 27. 

We reported on Ron Hamilton’s kidney transplant the week of  Nov 6.  Unfortunately, the kidney developed a blood clot. They had to go back in and take it out. He has developed an infection and is now on many infection fighting medications. Hopefully he will get to go home Monday, Nov. 19. There have been 15 to 20 callers to the hospital, Medical City, Dallas, Texas willing to donate a kidney. He has to recover first from the two  surgeries.  Prayers are continuing for his full recovery!

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