As most of us know, Archery Hunting Season opened Saturday Sept. 28. Marcus Rosson, 16, of Gillham, killed his first ever deer with a bow Saturday evening. He is one proud young man!  His Mama is pretty proud, too.  

JerriAnn Ybarra of the Gillham Volunteer Fire Department, cautions us all on our outdoor burning, as it is turning hot again. She also stated not to forget to drink plenty of water!

Judy Morris Smith of Gillham, has set the date for her Annual Halloween Party. It will be Saturday Oct. 19. It will begin around 5 p.m.. Hot dogs will be on the menu and potluck.   Judy said all are welcome.

The Gillham High School Alumni President, Reva Kitchens and her husband, Hank, were opening up doors of the high school I have never seen open before. They were checking rooms in the basement for the accessibility of a A/C Grant they are planning to apply for.  

Lawrence Stark of Gillham, is back in his own home, reported Norma Roden. There is no place like home!

John Paul Dunn, 71, a resident of Gillham, passed away on Sunday, Sept. 15.

For those in the Gillham area who don’t get Little Rock news, Tuesday Oct. 1, the new sales tax on gasoline and diesel will kick in, signed in to law earlier this year by Gov. Asa Hutchinson. Gasoline will rise three cents a gallon and diesel will increase six cents per gallon. Also, those who own electric cars will pay $200 more a year and Hybrid owners will pay $100 more each year at registration. 

The Gillham Library has received a box donation full of Diane Palmer paperback books! Some will be worked onto the shelf and some will be for sale. Come by and check them out.   

Ann Fitz reported Lucy Evans Robb of Wickes, has had surgery. The doctor said the femur was worse than they expected but did say he thinks it will heal well. He does not think they will have to do surgery on the ankle. She will be at Mercy in Fort Smith for a few days and then transferred to an assisted living facility until she is able to put weight on one leg. Continued prayers would be greatly appreciated! She has a long road ahead of her. 

The 2nd Annual Octoberfest will be held in Mena at 1509 Hwy. 71S Friday and Saturday, Oct. 4-5.   Hours will be 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., both days.

The one cent sales tax vote for the proposed new hospital in Sevier County will be Tuesday, Oct. 8.   The voting poll in Gillham is located at 305 Hornberg Ave. It is the De Queen Mena Education Co-op building.

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