Billy Ray McKelvy

The Code Enforcement office is currently undertaking a project to make sure 911 addresses are displayed on all buildings in the city.

Last summer, the City Council passed Ordinance 1035 which requires every building to display its house numbers, as assigned by the 911 emergency system. The ordinance requires numbers to be placed so that they are plainly visible from the street, preferably around the front door. If the number is not easily visible from the street, it should be placed near the walk, driveway or common entrance, or on the mailbox.

While it is permissible to have numbers painted or stenciled on the curb or mailbox, it does not satisfy the requirements of the ordinance.

Numbers should be at least three inches high for residences and a minimum of six inches high for non-residential buildings. Peel-and-stick letters which are commonly available at local stores will be satisfactory for the ordinance.

If the residents are unable to post the house number, the fire department has materials to make a metal sign which can be provided at no cost to city residents.

City employees are canvassing the city according to alderman wards. They will make an attempt to talk to the resident, but if no one is at home, they will leave a notice to inform residents of the ordinance.

Purpose of the program is to make it easier for emergency services and delivery people to locate addresses in the city. Although Sevier County has the 911 emergency system, emergency personnel can’t help if they can’t find the address.

The ordinance provides for a fine of $50 to $150 for non-compliance, although that is not the purpose.

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