Legacy Academy students from all grades showed off the extent of their academic achievements at the 2022 Student Showcase on Thursday evening. Work from every single student was presented from all subjects, including Ancient History, Latin, music, multimedia, and algebra.

The event, hosted in the Legacy Academy auditorium, gave parents and family members an insight into the day-to-day rigor of students’ academic work. Every facet of academic life was highlighted and displayed for all to see: from the pre-K students learning phonics and drawing their family trees, to the junior class creating a life-sized medieval marketplace complete with live chickens, and senior literature papers on the epic poetry of Paradise Lost.

Legacy Academy is a Classical Christian school, following a curriculum centered around ancient educational models. The progression from knowledge to understanding to wisdom, the teaching of Latin as a core subject to enhance reading and writing, and the study of literature from the Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance eras are all hallmarks of a Classical Christian education, which sets it apart from other local schools.

Mr. Gallagher, Founder and Head of School, said of the evening, “We are following time-tested and proven ways of education that develop the whole student. As a school we pride ourselves on being joyfully different. We are pleased that our graduates leave our classrooms prepared for life and equipped to acquire all they need to thrive in any area of life, wherever the Lord leads them.”

More information about the Classical Christian education model can be found on Legacy Academy’s website (legacywarriors.org) or from the Association of Classical Christian Schools (classicalchristian.org).

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