4,164 Cases Uptick of 121 new cases

849 active cases

100 are those of community - 27 are from St. Francis County

21 in correctional facilities

59 hospitalization

12 on ventilator

95 deaths

3,220 Recoveries 

50 nursing homes have at least one or more staff or residents

299 residents tested positive

174 staff members positive with COVID-19 

Cummins Unit

3 additional cases - 900 inmates

60 staff

1,753 tests conducted within the last 24 hours 

No new reports to Forest City, AR 

Arkansas is receiving a quantity of Remdesivir Injection made by Gilead Sciences out of Forest City, CA. Enough for 50 patients in Arkansas. Distributed by the ADH. Help our patients who have respiratory problems. Gives relief and a speedy recovery.  Of the 59 currently hospitalized, some will not qualify for the drug. Dr. Nate Smith said it is not a miracle drug. Yesterday, there were 52 who have met the criteria. Do not administer to anyone with severe liver or kidney disease. Will be under the care of their physician.  

Future decision points: Making announcements on what we are doing for a particular grouping or restrictions. May 18 a decision will be made in terms of bars. Summer camps and team sports will be announced on May 20. 


Arkansas have testing capabilities through commercial labs and UAMS and some hospitals

Have testing kits from federal partners

Plenty of collection kits; Need people of the community to come forward and get tested

Arkansans must work together to get testing done. Important to get testing done. 

The state needs to know who is positive or negative.  

Continue with social distancing and wearing masks.

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