Arkansas is in a good position and possibly the best position to rebound quickly among other states shared Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson. Hutchinson commented that the state managed and minimized the by not shutting down … Arkansas has a broad diversity of economic development according to Gov. Hutchinson. 

“There is an underlying strength in our state budget and unemployment compensation fund. $780 million reserve funds for unemployment compensation which left us in a good position to meet the needs of those who are struggling and have been unemployed,” shared Hutchinson. 

Testing goal 60K in the month of May

1500 tests Saturday

1200 tests Sunday 

Hutchinson continues to encourage Arkansans to socially distance themselves and wear our masks to stop the spread of COVID-19 

Total numbers for May 11

New Cases over the weekend - 59

4,043 Total Cases

803 are active cases

Currently 278 are in correctional 

86 are in nursing homes

439 in community

61 are hospitalized

11 on ventilator

94 deaths 

3,149 recoveries 

49 nursing homes which have active cases

289 residents with COVID-19

172 workers who have tested positive 

Correctional Facilities:

No news cases in Cummins Unit

9 hospitalized from Cummins; 1 on ventilator; total of 7 deaths

332 Forrest City Federal Corrections Institute - 16 are staff members

Getting our health care systems going. Arkansans must have confidence with the hospitals, clinics and primary care physicians. We need to get the care we need. 

Testing - Be able to detect new clusters and new outbreaks. Dr. Smith encourages Arkansans to get tested if they experience any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19. 

Comments from Secretary of Commerce Mike Preston:

Issue over 100,000 unemployment checks

Additionally Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation system is up and running

allowing Arkansans who have been out of work prior to the pandemic hitting an additional 13 weeks of eligibility due in part to the CARES Act. 

Pandemic Employment Assistance System went live - 23,000 individuals file for claims. Free lancers

gig economy workers and self employed need to go to

AR ready for business grant program received more than 12,300 applicants totaling $147.7 million; 94% were of businesses of 50 and fewer employees; 46 of that were businesses owned by women and minority.

TempleLive concert in May 15 has not been approved by Gov. Hutchinson or the AHD. The event is scheduled three days before authorized date of large venues.

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