UA Cossatot OTA students organized, coordinated, managed, and worked in a Kid’s College at UA Cossatot for 5 to 7 year olds on June 20.

UA Cossatot’s Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) program in Ashdown hosted and coordinated a camping themed Kid’s College for five to seven-year-olds on Thursday, June 20.  The Kids College was a one-day event that lasted from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The annual event is something the OTA program organizes every year for the community and for themselves.  

UA Cossatot’s OTA fieldwork coordinator Sharon Pool said, “Kid’s College is a fun free activity for Little River County, and it provides a great management learning experience for our students.”


In the spring, OTA students take a Management in Occupational Therapy course as a program core requirement. Organizing a Kid’s College is a task the OTA instructors give the OTA students every year in this course. The instructors provide the students with the chance to make the decisions, and the students make plans for the event to take place in June.

The students get to decide how they want to run the Kid’s College, who will be in charge of what tasks, what theme the Kid’s College should be, what age group should attend, as well as what games and activities they wish to put on for the youth. The focus of the program is to facilitate healthy behaviors for children including gross and fine motor coordination, social interaction, and sensory integration.

“In the OTA program, our students get to learn about working in pediatrics during the summer semester," Pool said. "The Kid’s College prepares them for this, and it is a great kickoff for the theme of what we will be teaching and learning during July and August.”

This year’s Kid’s College was called Camp Cossatot, and 34 kids from the local community were in attendance. At Camp Cossatot, kids were able to participate in several activities including tug of war, scavenger hunts, observing animals, rock painting, and obstacle courses. The event also included serving lunch to the participants.  

“Part of our curriculum is an emphasis on service learning and service to the community," said Tamla Heminger, UA Cossatot OTA program director. "Kids College is another way we can do that

To learn more about UA Cossatot’s OTA events or how you can support the OTA program at UA Cossatot, e-mail Tamla Heminger at theminger@cccua.edu.

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