Legacy students

On Wednesday, Oct. 16, Legacy Academy in Lockesburg, for the first time formally recognized its students and charged them to live up to their calling as Legacy students. The school was divided into four groups: Rookies (kindergarten, first and second grades), Protégés (third-sixth grades), Apprentices (seventh-ninth grades), and Scholars (tenth-twelfth grades).

Each group of students gathered and pledged to honor their teachers, respect their parents, and complete their schoolwork diligently. Rookies received a certificate; Apprentices received a badge; and Protégés received a coin inscribed with the Latin phrase “Viribus, Virtus, Excellencia” or “Strength, Virtue, Excellence'' the motto of the school.

The Scholars each declared and signed their pledge symbolizing their commitment to be recognized as a Legacy Scholar – a leader within the student body, who has personal integrity, excellence in all their endeavors, and those who faithfully follow the word of God and the leadership given to them - and lit their own candle from the group, representing the passing on of the responsibility to them as well. Parents of the Scholars placed a Legacy blazer on their shoulders, symbolizing their shouldering of responsibility to be excellent role models for the other students. The Legacy Honor Scholars of 2019 are JJ Stegall, Joseph Hossenlopp, Andrew Tucker, Grace Tucker and Ana Gutierrez.

School founder Chad Gallagher said, “This was an excellent celebration of the journey of these students through Legacy Academy and their growth into young men and women of honor, but it was also a celebration of the many more lives to come, each of whom will be taught in the ways and values of Legacy Academy and who will become standard-bearers in all aspects of their lives in the wider community. We are so proud of our 2019 Scholars and look forward with expectancy to the bright futures before them.”

Legacy Academy is a Christian school and a member of the Association of Classical Christian Schools, located in Lockesburg serving Sevier and surrounding counties.

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