Jessica and Chad Gallagher, founders of Legacy Academy.

It will be a year of big changes at Legacy Academy, as the school, founded 12 years ago by Chad and Jessica Gallagher, moves to Lockesburg this year and graduates its first senior class. 

“This will certainly be our biggest year in many ways,” Chad Gallagher said. “Moving the campus to Lockesburg is a big, huge transition but an exciting one for us. It opens new possibilities and opportunities.”

Gallagher said that the new location will put the school in a geographical area that’s more centrally located for its students, which hail from De Queen, Horatio, Lockesburg, Dierks and other areas of the county. 

A big benefit of the move will be the addition of a gym of its own, where its basketball team can practice and play. The new school also sports a commercial kitchen, a cafeteria, a science lab, library, art room, computer lab, plus 20 classrooms.

“It’s a really nice facility,” Gallagher said. “It’s on 34.7 acres and gives us a lot  of room to expand and do things.” He added that the site is set off the highway, so it’s safer for the students and that they will run a shuttle to the site for De Queen students. 

With school starting at the academy on Sept. 3, parents and students have been volunteering to get the academy moved to its new location in time for the new school year. Gallagher said that they haven’t made any final decisions as to what to do with the former campus in De Queen but he didn’t think the school would be using it in the future. 

This is also the first year the school will have a 12th grade graduating class as students that began when the school first opened will finally become seniors. The school has grown considerably over the years and Gallagher said that he expected enrollment to continue to increase. 

In addition to its basketball and track teams, which were begun last year, the school will add golf and tennis teams this year. They’ve also added service hours for the high school level students that he said will “create great opportunities for students doing community service and looking for ways to serve others.”  

This year the school will also add an entrepreneurship program for upper level students to learn how to own and run a small business.

“Those are interesting and important skills to learn,” he said.  

Gallagher was proud of the results the school has had with its ACT prepper course that was added last spring. The course is offered once a month on Saturday and students are able to learn about how the ACT works and how to prepare for it. He said that most of the faculty is returning this year and that they had added three full time and one part time position. 

“We’re fortunate,” he said. “It’s a great team that works hard.” 

He suggested that anyone interested in the school, check out their website, legacywarriors.org, or the Legacy Academy Facebook page, where they can learn about the school as well as events being held throughout the school year. He also welcomed parents and would-be students to visit the school and take a tour.

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