Jayme Mayo

Physician assistant and wellness director Jayme Mayo of Nabholz Construction, gave a presentation at the first Lunch-and_learn event at UA Cossatot on June 20.

On June 20, the Sevier County Coalition’s Live Well Sevier County Committee hosted the first Lunch-and-Learn event for the summer. The event was called “How Failing made us Successful." The presentation began at noon at UA Cossatot’s De Queen campus and was presented by physician assistant and wellness director Jayme Mayo of Nabholz Construction.  

Mayo informed those who attended the event about the benefits of creating a wellness program in their business. She gave facts about what her company, in Conway has experienced since they implemented a wellness program and also provided advice and suggestions on how to keep costs down when creating a successful program.  

“Our wellness program started in 2007 at Nabholz Construction and has proven to be successful because of great leadership, a credential team dedicated to serving people, and a simple plan design," said Mayo. “It is important to use your internal and external resources as well to take care of your people.”

Resources mentioned at the event that could be used to help start or run a wellness program include current employees, flea markets, consignment shops, farmers markets, local cooperative extensions and large national companies looking to help, to name a few.  

Also, having healthy food in your work environment and encouraging healthy activities like having bike racks, using stairs more, having health competitions with co-workers, and having fun with recreational activities at work has proven to benefit the physical health of employees.  

UA Cossatot will be hosting another presentation put on by the Sevier County Coalition’s Live Well Sevier County Committee on July 25. At this event, Dr. Jason Lofton of De Queen will be giving a presentation about the Keto diet. He will be explaining what the Keto diet is, the benefits it provides for one’s health, and health risks associated with Keto. The free presentation is open to everyone and will begin at noon in the Weyerhaeuser room, located in the Skilled Trades building, and will conclude at 12:40 p.m.

For more information on Lunch-and-Learn programs, please visit the Sevier County Coalition website at www.seviercountycoalition.com or call UA Cossatot’s Continuing Education services at 870-584-4471.

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