Caleb Burrow

Caleb Burrow

Caleb Burrow is a former Sevier County resident and a former UA Cossatot nursing student who graduated from UA Cossatot’s RN program in 2015. This summer, Burrow started a new chapter in his life when he and his wife moved to Plano, Texas. In this new location, Burrow was hired to work as a cardiovascular ICU RN nurse at the Baylor Scott and White Heart Hospital in Plano, Texas.

Burrow grew up in De Queen, where he attended a private Christian school.  He graduated high school at a Christian Academy in Northwest Arkansas in 2012. He decided to go to college at UA Cossatot because it was close to home and it was a more cost-effective choice.

He also decided to major in nursing because he wanted to help people and make a difference in their lives.  In the fall of 2012, Burrow started taking pre-requisite courses to get into UA Cossatot’s LPN program. One year later, he was in the program. 

UA Cossatot has a day and evening LPN program, and Burrow was accepted into the 11-month LPN day program at the De Queen campus.

Burrow said, “My time in the LPN program was probably the most challenging and most rewarding time in my nursing education and experience. With classes and clinicals, the whole program challenged me to put what I had learned into practice in both long term and acute care settings.  The diversity in the healthcare setting experience was definitely a highlight of the program.”

After graduating from the LPN program in 2014, Burrow continued his nursing education at UA Cossatot by enrolling in the college’s RN nursing program.For this program, Burrow attended classes at UA Cossatot’s Nashville Campus.

The RN program at UA Cossatot is an LPN to RN transition program that is also a part of ARNEC. ARNEC stands for Arkansas Rural Nursing Education Consortium. It is a co-operative effort of eight two-year colleges throughout Arkansas, which helps LPN’s get their RN degree.

Burrow said, “In the RN program, we would meet in the evenings in a distance learning setting. Our lectures would be presented from one location to several other campuses. The lectures were engaging and overall, not too different from any normal in-class setting. The teachers would teach the classes via live streaming, and the teachers would also travel to different campuses so students could see the teachers in person.”

Burrow graduated with an Associate of Applied Science RN nursing degree from UA Cossatot in 2015. After gaining an LPN and an RN degree from UA Cossatot, Burrow transferred to Arkansas Tech University.  He was accepted into the school’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, where he took classes online.

Burrow said, “I felt that I was very prepared for my coursework at a four-year university because of the training and education I received at UA Cossatot.”

While taking classes at Arkansas Tech University, he also worked full-time in the ICU setting at Christus St. Michael Health System in Texarkana, Texas. In 2017, Burrow graduated from Arkansas Tech University with a BSN degree.

After working three and a half years at Christus St. Michael Health System in Texarkana, Burrow has chosen to take a job in the Cardiovascular ICU at the Baylor Scott and White Heart Hospital in Plano, Texas.

When asked why he wanted to take this job, he said, “I am getting to help patients who have undergone significant cardiovascular surgeries or interventions at our facility. Baylor is also a name that could be said is synonymous with quality nursing care and nursing experience. I am proud to be working at this facility, and I love the ICU! I feel it is where I’m meant to be!”

Burrow also says, “If you know that nursing is something you want to pursue, I would personally recommend UA Cossatot’s LPN to RN transition program.”

The application deadline for the 11-month LPN day program is March 1 of each year at UA Cossatot. The application deadline for the 18-month evening LPN program and the one year RN program at UA Cossatot is Aug. 31 of each year. 

To learn how to apply for one of these programs at UA Cossatot, visit the college’s medical education page at” \t “_blank” to schedule an advising appointment

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