Hispanic NIght

Nominees and award winners who were present, left to right, first row: Sinai Trejo, Zulually Guerrero Mejia, Laura Salas, and Arlene Padilla.  Second row: Eruby Rodriguez, special guest speaker Doris Gutierrez, Beatriz Alvarez, Belen Gueverra Hernandez, Alejandro Hernandez and Angelica Padilla. S Doris Gutierrez.

The fifth annual UA Cossatot ceremony for Hispanic Night took place at UA Cossatot’s De Queen Campus on April 25, with over 60 people in attendance. Nominees and awards were announced and given to outstanding Hispanics, La Media Luna catered the event, and UA Cossatot staff presented information about academic opportunities at UA Cossatot. 

Sinai Trejo, Zulually Guerrero Mejia, Laura Salas, Arlene Padilla, Eruby Rodriguez, Beatriz Alvarez, Belen Gueverra Hernandez, Alejandro Hernandez, and Angelica Padilla were all picked as nominees for Hispanic Night. Four awards were given out at the event. Award winners included Outstanding High School Student: Belen Guevara Hernandez; Outstanding UA Cossatot Adult Education Student: Laura Salas; Outstanding UA Cossatot Student: Beatriz Alvarez; and Outstanding Community Member: Zullualy Guerrero Mejia. Doris Gutierez was the guest speaker and spoke about her educational experience — how she was able to overcome obstacles to pursue a career she enjoys. 

Hispanic Night is an event and a ceremony to encourage, honor and recognize hardworking Hispanics who are reaching educational goals and making an impact in the community. This event is an annual occasion that gives people the chance to learn about UA Cossatot and the opportunities that it offers. UA Cossatot staff members were present to discuss financial aid and services the UA Cossatot Center for Student Success provides to its students. The college’s Student Services department provided information about the admissions process and how one can start their education at UA Cossatot. Student Ambassadors from UA Cossatot were also present to talk about the benefits of being an ambassador at the college. 

Student Diversity Association (SDA) is a UA Cossatot student organization that helps promote diversity, unity and overall well-being. It is an organization that allows students to come together who may face more obstacles due to language barriers or cultural backgrounds. SDA sponsors promoted this organization at Hispanic Night to show that students of all cultures and races are encouraged and supported at UA Cossatot.

To learn more about the Student Diversity Association or how one can get started at UA Cossatot, call Student Services at 800-844-4471 or come by the De Queen, Nashville, or Ashdown campus to speak with an admissions and recruitment specialist. UA Cossatot’s campus hours are open 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday

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