Erika Buenrrostro and Tommi Cobb

Erika Buenrrostro and Tommi Cobb

UA Cossatot has announced that two of the college's employees have graduated from the Arkansas Community Colleges (ACC) Leadership Class XI. The two graduates include the college's Coordinator of the Center for Student Success, Erika Buenrrostro and Director of Institutional Research and Assessment, Tommi Cobb. The graduation took place on Sunday, Oc. 13, in Little Rock, Arkansas.

ACC is known for collaborating with educational institutions to help improve the ability of member colleges, like UA Cossatot, to meet the needs of their students. They also help meet the needs of their local businesses and industry leaders. In 2008, ACC organized and established an ACC leadership Institute.

The Institute is designed to provide instruction and guidance to current and future leaders of community colleges in Arkansas. Training in leadership, higher education administration, and advocacy training are provided to each member chosen to take part in the ACC Leadership Institute.

This event is open to ACC members who are nominated by their institution's President/Chancellor. Out of all of the ACC community college members in the state, approximately 24 people are chosen to attend this annual, multi-session event. 

Buenrrostro and Cobb were chosen by UA Cossatot Chancellor, Dr. Steve Cole to participate in this educational experience. Both UA Cossatot employees attended the graduation reception along with Dr. Cole, leadership alumni, and the new leadership class who will graduate next year.

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