The University of Arkansas Cossatot honored staff and faculty members for five, 15, 20, and 25 years of distinguished service during the college's August and September faculty/staff meetings. Recipients were Sonya Robinson, Sunni Davis, Bruce Franklin, Crystal Sims, Beverly Foreman, Mary Collom, Katy Garcia, and Wendy Garcia.


Sonya Robinson

Robinson, a resident of Mineral Springs, has been with the college for 25 years. In 1994, she was hired to work at UA Cossatot as an English instructor. A few years later she became a full-time psychology instructor, which she says is not a job, but something that she loves to do. Outside of the classroom, Robinson also serves as an advisor to all associate of Psychology majors and works to provide them with the necessary skills to transfer and be successful at the bachelor level. She also lends a helping hand whenever anyone asks.


Sunni Davis

Davis, a resident of Horatio, began her time at UA Cossatot as a student. While working on her Bachelor and Master degrees at Texas A&M University in Texarkana, she began volunteering her time as a friend of the college and a tutor in the AIM center. Davis started her career here as an adjunct instructor in 1998 and became full time in 2000. She received her doctorate in E-Learning and Teaching Online from Northcentral University in 2009. During her tenure, Davis has worked with thousands of students, teaching them to become better readers, writers, and speakers. She volunteers her time to work with students in the ERC and always makes herself available for students both day and night.


Bruce Franklin

Franklin, a resident of Broken Bow, Okla., recently completed his twentieth year as a full-time social science instructor at UA Cossatot. Before that he was an adjunct instructor for three years, starting in 1996. Franklin has taught many different social science courses, served on several different committees and has been named teacher of the year three times. He considers the community college atmosphere to be ideal for both teachers and students. He values each of the students he has had the pleasure of working with over his teaching experience. Franklin is willing to go the extra mile to help both students and his fellow employees, serving on various committees and teams. He also always has a smile for anyone who stops by his office.


Crystal Sims

Sims, a resident of De Queen, has been with the college for 15 years. She is a full-time instructor who teaches both biological sciences and chemistry courses. In 2015, along with teaching, she became the Division Chair of General Education. She completed the Arkansas Community College Leadership Institute in 2016 and was awarded both the Arkansas Community Colleges and Sevier County Teacher of the Year in 2008. Sims serves as a member of the American Associate of Chemistry Teachers. Sims continuously researches methods to improve the classroom experience in her courses to help students reach success. She empowers the faculty within her division to own their subject matter and be the best instructors they can be. Sims displays comparison in all her tasks, especially in the classroom, to her students, and to those she supervises and UA Cossatot officials said they are fortunate to have a leader like Sims.


Beverly Foreman

Foreman, a resident of Horatio, has been with the college for five years. Foreman earned an Associate of Applied Science in Business degree from UA Cossatot in 2006. She started out working solely as a tutor for the former Learning Center in 2014. While being a tutor, it became evident that her combination of dedication and work ethic would be best utilized as an Educational Resource Technician. She earned an Associate of Science in Business Accounting degree at UA Cossatot in 2015 while working at the ERC. Beverly is an asset to UA Cossatot and a vital member of the ERC. She gets to know every student who visits the ERC personally, and students gravitate toward her.


Mary Collom

Collom, a resident of Nash, Texas, has been with UA Cossatot for five years. Collom serves the college as a member of the English faculty. She was awarded the UA Cossatot Sevier County Teacher of the Year Award in 2018. During her time as an instructor, Collom has assisted students in accomplishing their academic and career goals. As a faculty member, she is committed to the worthwhile experience of serving her students, the college, and the community. Since starting at UA Cossatot, Collom has diligently worked with students on both the De Queen and Ashdown campuses as well as helping with student advising.


Katy Garcia

Katy Garcia, a resident of De Queen, has been with the college for five years. Garcia graduated from UA Cossatot with her Associate of Applied Science degree in Medical Assisting in 2014, while also working in financial aid work-study at the college. In July of 2014, Garcia was hired to work as a part-time financial aid receptionist. In 2016, Garcia was hired full-time as a Financial Aid Specialist/Scholarship staff member. Garcia’s duties include: awarding foundation/institutional scholarships; ADHE scholarships and grants; Arkansas Rehab, WIOA, and all outside grants and scholarships. Garcia is also responsible for all UA Cossatot waivers. She is an excellent asset to UA Cossatot and works great with students and fellow employees, school officials said.


Wendy Garcia

Wendy Garcia, a resident of De Queen, has been with the college for five years. After working in a part-time position at the college, she quickly ascended to the role of assistant to the chancellor, where she makes a difference every day. Wendy is the consummate UA Cossatot employee. She juggles many different issues on a daily basis. UA Cossatot Chancellor, Dr. Steve Cole said, “I cannot imagine the Chancellor’s office or college without her talents.”

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