UA Cossatot’s Chancellor, Dr. Steve Cole and the 10 UA Cossatot students who attended a student leadership retreat at the Rick Evans Grandview Prairie Conservation Education Center in Columbus.

UA Cossatot selected 10 students from various UA Cossatot student organizations to attend a student leadership retreat on April 5-6 at the Rick Evans Grandview Prairie Conservation Education Center in Columbus. The leadership retreat included different leadership courses and team building activities for students to learn and apply in the workplace.

After arriving, the students took part in a panel discussion and talked about the clubs and organizations UA Cossatot offers. Students were encouraged by club sponsors and UA Cossatot faculty to join more than one organization and take advantage of opportunities that are available.  

The retreat was designed for students to learn about leadership and how to work well with others to accomplish goals and be productive. Students learned that being in a student organization is a great way to learn useful tools on how to be a leader and a team player.

“It is important that UA Cossatot equips its student leaders with leadership skills, guidance on how to communicate effectively and lead others as they become professionals in their field,” said Student Success Center Coordinator, Erika Buenrrostro. "We are excited to be part of all that."

At the end of the retreat, students received a certificate of leadership training that can be added to their transcript. Along with the certificate, each student received a $250 tuition waiver for attending the student leadership retreat.

To attend a student leadership retreat in the future, one must be a member of a UA Cossatot student organization. To learn about student organization opportunities, visit

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