Erika Buenrrostro

Erika Buenrrostro

Erika Buenrrostro is the coordinator for the Center for Student Success at UA Cossatot. Buenrrostro was invited to serve on the panel for the Hispanic Organization for Women Conference in Springdale in October. Topics she discussed at the conference included Latinos in higher education, trends, Hispanic Serving Institutions in Arkansas, and her employment at UA Cossatot.  

UA Cossatot is the only Hispanic Serving Institution (HSIs) in Arkansas and is a member of the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities. With Buenrrostro’s employment at UA Cossatot and her experience as the coordinator for the Center for Student Success, she has valuable knowledge that the committee members of the conference wanted her to share.

In Springdale, Buenrrostro shared her experience of being a former college student and a minority student. She then spoke about UA Cossatot’s best practices in achieving Hispanic enrollment. 

Minorities tend to face obstacles in earning a certificate or degree from a college. At the conference, Buenrrostro discussed ways UA Cossatot reaches the needs of Hispanic men and women. Through the Center for Student Success, UA Cossatot helps students with self-care practices and gives students a safe place to seek assistance.

“It is important for students to know that their school cares about them," said Buenrrostro. "Also, if assistance is available, they should be aware of that. Every student is different, and UA Cossatot realizes that. I am proud to work for a college that believes in helping all students achieve their dreams."

Buenrrostro also discussed financial aid opportunities that are available to the public, programs available for secondary and post-secondary students, as well as opportunities available through adult education and continuing education at a community college. 

The conference concluded with Buenrrostro stating that Hispanics, especially Hispanic women, have more opportunities than ever before to receive higher education. While promoting educational opportunities at UA Cossatot, Buenrrostro expressed ways other colleges can help Latinos reach their goals.

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