Six concurrent students graduated with their Associate's Degree at UA Cossatot while simultaneously graduating from high school. UA Cossatot’s High School Programs department helps local high school students earn college credit while still in high school.

UA Cossatot’s Director of High School Programs, Julie Rhodes said, “Concurrent credit allows students to pursue a higher degree while in high school.  With all the opportunities afforded them through high school concurrent and now the lottery scholarship, the students that are looking at higher degrees can get a good start on their future.”

Centerpoint High School's concurrent graduates include Vivian Angeles, Vasti Hernandez, Nancy Ramirez, and Luke Baker. Vivian Angeles is the Senior Class President and plans to attend UALR, Vasti Hernandez is the Senior Vice President and plans to attend UALR, Nancy Ramirez plans to attend Henderson State University, and  Luke Baker will attend the University of Arkansas.

Kirby High School’s concurrent graduate is Karlie Hernandez. Karlie was the Class President and plans to attend Henderson State University to complete a degree in Biology, attend medical school and become a family care physician.

Nashville High School’s concurrent graduate is Anna Rhodes.  Anna will attend UCA on a distinguished scholarship to major in Exercise Science and then a doctorate in Occupational Therapy. 

“ I am so proud of our seniors and all they have accomplished. They have jump-started the path for their future and I have no doubt they will continue to excel in academics throughout the rest of their education,” said Julie Rhodes.

For more information on concurrent classes and UA Cossatot’s High School Programs, contact Julie Rhodes at 870-584-1343 or or students can reach out to their school’s career coach.

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