UA Cossatot’s Office of the Registrar recently released the summer 2021 Chancellor’s List and Vice Chancellor’s List and 2021 summer graduates.

One student is named on the Chancellor’s list, maintaining a minimum of 4.0 semester GPA while taking a minimum of twelve college credit hours.  Three students are named on the Vice Chancellor’s list, holding a minimum of a 3.5 semester GPA while taking a minimum of twelve college credit hours.

UA Cossatot Summer 2021 Chancellor’s List:

Gillham: Ariel Dinkins

UA Cossatot Summer  2021 Vice Chancellor’s List:

De Queen: Sofia Velaquez and Weston Harp

Nashville: Shalene Cardenas

Summer 2021 Graduates (Listed with Highest Degree(s) Earned):

Thirty-seven graduated with a Certificate of Proficiency (CP), Technical Certificate (TC), or an Associate Degree (AA/AGS/AAS/AS). Many students earned multiple certificates and degrees, totaling 48 summer awards.

Amity: Hannah Coffman: Cosmetology (TC)

Ashdown: MaKayla Dixon: STEM (AS), Aubrey Lockeby: Physical Therapist Assistant (AAS), David Mitchell: Physical Therapist Assistant (AAS), Callie Redfearn: Physical Therapist Assistant (AAS)

Broken Bow: Samantha Henderson: Physical Therapist Assistant (AAS)

Cove: Sophie Jackson: STEM (AS)  

De Queen: Michael Barnard: Associate of General Studies (AGS), Marlene Briones: Health Professions (TC), Sha'uri Esquivel: STEM (AS), Weston Harp: Associate of Arts & General Studies (AA) (AGS), Erica Resendiz: Physical Therapist Assistant (AAS), Raven Revels: Agri-Business (AS)

Dierks: Payton Bobo: Associate of Arts & Associate of General Studies (AA) (AGS), Brayden Counts: Physical Therapist Assistant (AAS), Delaney Eckert: Associate of General Studies (AGS), Brayden Kirby: Associate of General Studies (AGS)

Foreman: Aubree Gauldin: Physical Therapist Assistant (AAS)

Fouke: Alyssa Jackson: Physical Therapist Assistant (AAS)

Idabel: Jade Burgess: Psychology & General Studies (AS)(TC)

Murfreesboro: Candice Hughes: Associate of General Studies (AGS), Hope Littles: Associate of Arts & general studies (AA) (TC)

Nashville: Haley Davis: Associate of General Studies (AGS), Maya Fant: Psychology & General Studies (AS)(TC), Lacie Grace: Cosmetology (TC), Triston Green: General Technology (AAS), Jerimiyah Harris: Business (AS), Garrett Lance: Associate of General Studies (AGS), Garrett Talley: Associate of General Studies (AGS)

Newhope: Breanna Mounts: Associate of General Studies (AGS)

North Miami: Jacques Ketant: Associate of General Studies (AGS)

Sallisaw: Dillon Cheater:STEM (AS)         

Shreveport: Erica Alexander: Physical Therapist Assistant (AAS)

Star City: Megan Lovelis: Physical Therapist Assistant (AAS) 

Texarkana: Shannon Burkland: Physical Therapist Assistant (AAS), Crystal Morgan: Physical Therapist Assistant (AAS)

Waldron: Rena Owens: Associate of General Studies & Teaching: K-6 (AGS) (AS)

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