UA Cossatot’s first PTA class graduating on Aug. 9, 2019. A pinning ceremony was held for the PTA graduates at the UA Cossatot Ashdown Campus. From left to right (first row): Kyle Duncan and Adam Bailey;  (second row):  Jeanne Spain, Katy Worrell, Kylie Bowens, and Mandy Mote.

On Friday, Aug. 9, a pinning ceremony was held at UA Cossatot's Ashdown Campus for the 2019 PTA Class. UA Cossatot launched its Physical Therapist Assistant Program last year, and now, six students have graduated from the program.

The Pinning Ceremony took place in the Barbara Horn Civic Center. The six students who received pins at the ceremony include Adam Bailey of Murfreesboro; Kylie Bowens of De Queen; Kyle Duncan of Ashdown; Mandy Mote of Hensley; Jeanne Spain of Texarkana and Katy Worrell of Maud, Texas. 

UA Cossatot Chancellor Dr. Steve Cole welcomed everyone to the ceremony and discussed the origin of starting the PTA program at the college. PTA Program Director Jennifer Sanderson introduced the keynote speaker, Dr. Rosalyn Henry. Henry is a doctor of physical therapy who works as a director of Rehabilitation Services in Texarkana, Texas. She also serves on the UA Cossatot PTA Advisory Council. Henry gave the graduates advice and offered encouraging words. 

Jennifer Sanderson congratulated the PTA class of 2019 and expressed how proud she was of them and all of their hard work. The graduates then received their PTA pins.

Two additional awards were given at the ceremony. Jeanne Spain received recognition for having the highest program grade average in the class. Katy Worrell received an academic achievement award for having the second-highest program grade average in the class.

"This whole experience has been exciting and it is an honor to have been able to go through this program," said Spain. "It is also very surreal to be in the first PTA group at UA Cossatot to start and finish this program."

When asked what their favorite thing about the program was, the group of graduates said, "The PTA program has given us so much knowledge, but what we have enjoyed the most is the relationships, friendships, and connections we have made by being in this program."

Now that these students have graduated, new students are entering UA Cossatot PTA Program this month. To learn about pre-requisites for the PTA Program or deadlines to apply, visit UA Cossatot Medical Education page at  HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank" to schedule an advising appointment.

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