The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) released a report revealing the University of Arkansas Cossatot’s success in key areas compared to similar colleges.

The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) Feedback Report ( analyzes data for 33 peer institutions across Arkansas and the nation and then provides graphical comparisons in key areas. These peer institutions have similar missions that serve the same kind of students in similar communities. 

This most recent IPEDS report lists UA Cossatot as having the fourth highest graduation rate in Arkansas. According to UA Cossatot Chancellor Dr. Steve Cole, “A 41percent graduation rate is a tremendous achievement for our college. There are only three other institutions in Arkansas with a higher rate and for us, that means that we are doing a lot of things right in taking our students and giving them the attention, scholarship, and tools they need to be successful.”

Cole added, “You typically do not see these types of graduation rates within the two-year college setting, but UA Cossatot and many other two-year schools in Arkansas are dedicated to getting students out on time, and that means good things for their families and, for the bigger picture, for our economy.”

In addition to the graduation rates, compared to the 33 colleges in the report, UA Cossatot also on average:

Costs $1,900 less per year to attend

Has a 9 percent higher graduation rate

Has a 16 percent higher Latino graduation rate

Spends $600 more per semester per student on all student support

Spends 29 percent less on administration and other core expenses

“This data still shows that year after year, UA Cossatot still dedicates more and more resources to student achievement," Cole said. "It is our mission to impact lives and our local economy and we think this data, and data just like it from years past shows we are focused like a laser beam on doing this. We have always promised an always-improving student experience at UA Cossatot. With new sports teams, restaurants, a million-dollar saving book program, and the new holistic student experience coming soon, we think we are keeping true to that promise.”

“Our faculty, advisors and student support staff work hard to incorporate creative ways to encourage student success,” Ashley Aylett, vice-chancellor of Academics said. “We offer open education resources in the classroom, online tutoring and an individualized approach to advising. Our low-cost textbook rental program recently earned a state-wide award from ADHE.” 

Aylett stressed the importance of an experienced financial aid staff working diligently to assist students in securing financial assistance. 

“We believe when students have less of a financial burden they are able to place more focus on academics,” she said.

UA Cossatot has the fourth highest graduation rate in the state of Arkansas, while operating on the third lowest budget in the state. The entire report is available at

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