A & B’s Grade 6

Marvin Brito, Kaydince Gray, Jonas Hernandez, Alan Munoz, Valeria Munoz, Kaleb Olalde, Rynley Richardson, TyLynn Robb, Jose Arvizu, Adileni Herrena, Allison Medina, Nathan Ugarte.

All A’s Grade 5

Ethan Ashcraft, Jaylie Brantley.

A & B’s Grade 5

Samuel Cordova, Melenie Flores, Issac Gray, Aliha Pena, Ethan Richardson, Porter Roper, Elianna Villarreal, Korey Wheeler, Christy Williams.

All A’s Grade 4

Kason Parmer

A & B’s Grade 4

Josue Flores, Dean Helms, Lindsey Munoz, Crystal Ruiz, Jesus Ruiz, Areana Alameda, Joseph Dosch, Josue Jaimes-Aviles, Hector Marrudo, Eli Richardson, Alexander Sherrouse, Jenna Trinidad, Dalton Wise.

A & B’s Grade 3

Evan Baxter, Rayleigh Brown, Christian Gray, Colton Hennings, Sophie Whisenhunt, Alisson Avila, Jessie Bailey, Smitty Baxter, Daeyton Cornett-Antunez, Kevin McGough, Jayden Munoz, Jake, Speight.

All A’s Grade 2

Alyssa Coronado, Natalee Mink, Emilce Moreno.

A & B’s Grade 2

Ellah Davis, Kaitlyn Dosch, Brynlee Mayo, Easton May, Richard Roper, Rafael Salgado, Jade Bailey, Justin Campusano, David Cortes, Carson Price, Jase Richardson, Hannah Stark, Brently Wise.

All A’s Grade 1

Corbin Conatser, Nathan Hibbs, Harper Davis, Angel Pena, Kambri Speight, Tucker Merlone, Zion Tene.

A & B’s Grade 1

Andrea Becerril, Emma Craig, Daniel Flournoy, Bentley Hexamer, AmberLee Jeanes, Conner Lyle, Aria McGough, Kylaa Provence, Autumm Sappington, Avery Watkins, Shelby Bailey, Sadie Chambers, Sebastian Delgado, Alejandro Gasca, Jayson Trotter, Caseyn Woods.

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