Wickes Elementary School Honor Roll 

1st Nine Weeks 

1st Grade

All A’s

Magaly Salgado

All A’s and B’s

Rebecca Goethals

Christopher May

Ashlyn Wilhite

Mason Cooper Jester

2nd Grade

All A’s

Kambri Speight

Damion Ferguson

All A’s and B’s

Xander Broyles

ReeAnna Caudill

Emma Craig

Harper Davis

Nathan Hibbs

AmberLee Jeanes

Christopher Marrufo

Dominic Martinez

Kason Price

Jesilyn Brummel

Daniel Flournoy

Sadie Goodner

Iker Manuel

Aria McGough

Kylaa Provence

Autumn Sappington

Zion Tena

Jayston Trotter

Caseyn Woods

3rd Grade

All A’s

Jase Richardson

All A’s and B’s

David Cortes

Justin Campusano

Ellah Davis

Emilce Moreno

Alyssa Coronado

Carson Price

Wyatt Roper

Rafael Salgado

Hannah Stark

4th Grade

All A’s and B’s

Allison Avila

Ivan Hernandez

Jackson McGough

Dylan Ortiz

Embree Price

CharlieKate Tadlock

Sophie Whisenhunt

Brenna Lawrence

Jayden Munoz

Jake Speight

Parker Sullivan

5th Grade

All A’s

Hector Marrufo

Braden Knop

All A’s and B’s

Jaynee Castro

Nyla Decasez

Josue Jaimes

Lydnsey Munoz

Alexander Sherrouse

Kason Palmer

Jesus Ruiz

Jenny Trinidad

Joseph Dosch

6th Grade

All A’s and B’s

Jaylie Brantley

Samuel Cardova

Issac Gray

Jazlynn Hackworth

Porter Roper

Raeleigh Speight

Skyler Velez

Elliana Villarreal

Christy Williams

Ethan Ashcraft

Kynzli Dyer

Carter Hexamer

Kailee Hill

Angela Juarez

Elina Oliver

Dayami Ruiz

Aliha Pena

Ethan Richardson

Korey Wheeler


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