In the past week, organizations both public and private have given over $2,000 to Ainsley’s Angels of Southwest Arkansas, an organization that provides special needs athletic equipment and running volunteers to make sure that “everyone” can participate in area-wide endurance events. 

The Arkansas Pride Softball team, De Queen 4H, De Queen Rotary Club, and Tres Agaves Mexican Restaurant have all given donations to help buy equipment that is used by community members with disabilities. 

In the past five months, over 20 athletes with different abilities have been supported by over 100 runners in seven 5ks around Southwest Arkansas and Southeast Oklahoma.

“This is not possible without community support,” said Southwest Arkansas Ainsley’s Angels Ambassador, Tessa Dean. “We are a 100 percent volunteer-based nonprofit. 

Dean said that the 10 pieces of equipment owned by the community ambassadorship cost over $10,000 and were bought purely through donations from people who believe that everyone deserves to belong.

She said that the most immediate need now for the non-profit is to obtain a trailer to haul all of the  equipment, which they hope to raise enough funds for in their upcoming fundraiser at Herman Dierks Park on Sept. 28. 

The event will include dinner, a 5k, and feature Argenbright Band performing live. There will be smoked chicken and snowcones. 

Upcoming events for Ainsley’s Angels, free registration for athletes, runners, and volunteers, or ways to sponsor can be found on their website:, or by emailing Tessa Dean at

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