Sevier County Sheriff's Department is seeking an individual they believe has been impersonating an officer. Deputies were dispatched to a residence on Sycamore Road on Monday, Dec. 2, at 12:44 a.m., to speak with a subject in regard to being stopped by the person in question. 

The victim told deputies that they were initially stopped on Hwy. 24 East, between the Cossatot River and Hwy. 329. The person told deputies that the vehicle was a black, unmarked Dodge Charger with a dome blue light on the dash. 

The suspected impersonator said his name was Johnson and did not give the department in which he worked for. The victim said that another white male approached his vehicle also and had a dog with him. He said that one of the male subject’s was wearing blue jeans and a blue button-up shirt. He said they were going to search his truck and at that time he realized the men were not officer’s and drove off. 

The Charger followed the victim until his vehicle broke down on him at the intersection of Beacon Hill Road and Lone Oak Road. The two white male subject’s in the Charger followed the victim and attacked him. After a brief fight, the two men got back in the Charger and drove away. This incident is under investigation. A Be on the lookout has been sent out to surrounding counties and all local law enforcement have been advised of this incident. 

Description of the two white males:

White male, 5’10, mid to late 20s, no facial hair, black or brown hair, wearing blue jeans and blue button up shirt.

White male, 5’10, mid to late 20s, facial hair and was wearing blue jeans and a black shirt.

The Sevier County Sheriff’s Department said that it does not have a black unmarked Dodge Charger and that the department does not use blue dome lights in their vehicles. 

"All the department’s patrol units are white and marked with the exception of one black Charger that is also marked but not used on patrol," they said in a statement from the department. "The Sheriff’s truck, Jail Admin, and both Investigator vehicles are the only vehicles that the Sevier County Sheriff Department has that are not fully marked. And they have "In God we trust" on the tailgate."

Sheriff officials ask that anyone with information in regard to this incident, contact the department.  

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