Over 50 4-H’ers attended 4-H Cloverbud Jr. Day Camp at Cossatot Reefs State Park on June 10. They had four programs on the agenda and then enjoyed a hot dog lunch.


Sevier County 4-H held its annual Cloverbud and Junior Day Camp at Cossatot Reefs State Park on June 10. There were over 50 4-H’ers in attendance. They had four programs on the agenda and then enjoyed a hot dog lunch at the park.

Harrell Sherwood from the Arkansas Forestry Department first taught the 4-H’ers how to identify trees based on the shape of the leaves, the fruit or seeds, and the bark. The 4-H’ers got to participate in a fun game to see which team could identify the most trees the quickest.  

Robin Stacy from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) showed the 4-H’ers how to use two sticks to “Fiddle for Worms”. They first scouted out good locations with compost to do their “fiddling”. Each kid was given two sticks, the long one to place in the ground and a short one to rub on the long stick to cause vibrations, which will make the earthworms come to the top of the ground. Each kid found worms, some small and some really large ones.  They got a little excited when the worms started popping up!

Jason Kaufman from Arkansas Farm Bureau taught the kids where their food comes from. He gave the percentage and types of foods that are raised in Arkansas. By the time he was through, everyone was hungry!

Casey Hardaway from Arkansas Game and Fish Commission brought three “friends” with her, an alligator, slider turtle, and a king snake. The 4-H’ers got to touch the reptiles, if they wanted to.  Some of them even wanted the snake around their neck! Ms. Hardaway explained the state laws on harming wildlife and explained that snakes usually will not harm you unless you mess with them or accidently step on them. Everybody had a great time!  

If you would like more information about 4-H, please contact the Sevier County Extension Office at 870-584-3013 or visit us on UA Cossatot Campus in the Adams Building. 

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