Jeffrey Jones

Jeffrey Jones

A De Queen man, Jeffrey Jones, 47, was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance among other charges, after a traffic stop was made on him by De Queen police for driving with fake tags. 

The arrest was made on Tuesday, June 11, after Patrolman Doug Johnson observed a blue Lincoln four-door car with fictitious tags belonging to a brown Chevrolet Tahoe, headed east on Stilwell. 

Johnson activated his lights and stopped the vehicle near Stilwell and Hurd and as the car was coming to a stop, the Jones opened his door, then moved the vehicle forward a little more before stopping. Jones then exited the vehicle and started walking towards Johnson’s patrol unit.

Johnson identified himself and his reason for stopping Jones, then asked for Jones’ insurance. The two made their way to the driver side of the vehicle, where Johnson observed an open Bud Light can in the center cup holder and an empty Bud Light can on the driver side floorboard.

Jones said that he did not have his insurance and that the tags came off of his other vehicle. Johnson ran Jones on ACIC/NCIC and found that he had an active warrant out of Howard County, as well as a restricted driver’s license, which had been suspended for DWI and was restricted to an interlock device, but there was no interlock device in the vehicle.

Johnson placed Jones in hand restraints and advised him of the warrant. Jones argued that he had paid on the warrant, so Johnson had the dispatcher get in touch with Howard County to check its validity.

While waiting, Johnson found a small bag of marijuana near the rear driver side tire of which Jones attempted to dispose of that later weighed to be 1.3 grams. Johnson also discovered a small blunt and two Exotic brand vapor cartridges containing THC oil in the vehicle. Jones advised that he had not drank any of the beer and proceeded to blow a .000 on Johnson’s PBT.

Howard County answered that they did not want Jones and he was transported to the Sevier County Jail where he was read his rights under the Miranda Warning. Jones advised that he did not want to write a statement and was turned over to the jail staff for processing on possession of a controlled substance. Jones was also cited for driving while on suspended for DWI, driving with no insurance and fictitious tags. 

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