More details have emerged as a De Queen man has been charged with two felonies after allegedly shooting another man in the face Sunday night, Sept. 9, a district attorney's filing shows.

Juan Garcia, 64, was charged in district court Tuesday with shooting with intent to kill and possession of a firearm after former felony conviction, court records show.

Garcia is accused of shooting Jose Martinez, 39, in the face and left elbow with a .32 caliber pistol, following an argument at Blue Bar east of Eagletown, Okla., investigator Michael Lappin said.

Witnesses told deputies that Martinez yelled "kill me then" and "shoot me" several times at Garcia before Garcia shot him in the face, a report indicates.

Garcia went next door to another bar at that point, witnesses said, and told a bartender he had shot someone and to call the police, Lappin said.

After being arrested and interviewed, Garcia said that Martinez, who he had never met, was at the bar, making fun of the way Garcia was dressed, as he was in head to toe camouflage.

The two got into a verbal altercation, Garcia said, and he left the bar, drove to De Queen and got his gun, he told officers.

As he drove back to the bar, Garcia said he was thinking about killing Martinez, the report indicates.

"In my heart, I wanted to kill him," he told Lappin. Garcia said he planned to kill Martinez if he was still at the bar, but if he wasn't Garcia planned "to just get a 12-pack and go home."

Garcia said Martinez "needed to be terminated" anyway, because he had stolen from the Mexican drug cartel, the report says. Garcia claimed he has no association with the cartel, however.

He told Lappin he arrived at the Blue Bar hoping for no confrontation, but Martinez followed him outside saying he was going to kill Garcia.

"Come on with it! If you really want some, come and get this old man!" Garcia said he told him.

Garcia said he thought Martinez was reaching for a gun, so he shot him at that point, Lappin said.

Martinez was taken to UAMC hospital in Little Rock with multiple broken bones in his face.

Court records show Garcia has previous convictions of attempted murder, multiple aggravated assaults and gun charges.

Story courtesy of the McCurtain Daily Gazette

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