De Queen police arrested a 36-year-old De Queen woman on Sunday, May 13, charging her with theft by receiving, $1,000 or less. Maranda Flowers was booked into the Sevier County Jail on the charge, which resulted from a missing HP laptop, valued at $300. 

According to police, Sgt. Wayne Baker was dispatched  at 4:10 p.m. to a call at 407 N. 4th Street in reference to a theft report. On arrival, Baker spoke to Rose Johnson Roberts, who advised him that she had a laptop come up missing and located it at Ricky Richardson’s apartment at 412 N. 4th Street. 

Baker, in his report, said that he spoke to Richardson, who provided the laptop and reported that he bought it from “Moose”, who lived with Rose Roberts and Maranda Flowers until recently.

According to Baker’s report, Richardson had paid “Moose” $40 for the laptop but gave him $50 with the agreement he would return with $10. 

“I made contact with Flowers who agreed to come to the police department to speak with me about it,” Baker wrote in his report. “On arrival I read and explained to Flowers her rights under the Miranda Warning where Flowers signed and agreed to answer questions.”

Baker said that during the interview, Flowers said that while she was moving from the house around the 1st of May, Jonathan Crow gave the laptop to Flowers to hold for his mother, Julie Ward, because Rose’s husband, Jerry Roberts, owed Ward money for dope.” Flowers allegedly told Baker that she took the laptop to her house at 496 Highway 41 and hid it in a dryer until it was sold on May 13. 

“I transported Flowers to the Sevier County Jail where she was processed and jailed for the offense of theft by receiving,” Baker wrote. 

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