De Queen police arrested a De Queen woman alleged to have fought with her boyfriend, then ending up in Sevier County Jail on additional charges after police say she scrapped with them. 

Kim Cressman, 23, was charged with two felonies; battery 2nd degree/injuries police, fire, correctional employee while the officer is acting in the performance of his or her lawful duty; and battery, 2nd degree, purpose of causing injury, causes injury with a weapon. 

The incident began on Monday, July 2 at around 4:30 p.m. According to the police report,  Sgt. Wayne Baker and Lt. Chad Bradshaw of the De Queen Police Department were dispatched to 108 W. De Quincey in reference to a stabbing. On arrival, Baker observed a white male, later identified as Donavon Ford, with a somewhat calm demeanor, no shirt, scratches about his shoulders and blood running down his back, standing in the front yard advising that Cressman had stabbed him. 

“I also noticed a white female who I knew to be Kim Cressman, standing at the front door of the residence advising me that she was hit by the male,” Baker wrote. “Bradshaw ordered Cressman to him and then ordered her to the ground but she was not compliant and had to be placed on the ground and into custody.”

Baker wrote that Cressman then rolled over and kicked Bradshaw in the leg and attempted to spit on him. Baker said he rolled Cressman back over and attempted to secure her handcuffs to prevent injury when she began grabbing at Bakers hands and sunk her fingernails into his wrist. 

Cressman was finally subdued and then placed into Patrolman Doug Johnson’s vehicle as he and Patrolman Kris Hundley arrived. She was transported to the Sevier County Jail to be processed and jailed for two offenses. 

Baker wrote that he entered the house and observed items turned over and strewn about the floor where it was apparent there was a struggle. He also noticed a black handle serrated steak knife on the kitchen table with what appeared to be blood for about the first two inches. 

Baker spoke to Ford again in the ambulance where he advised that he did hear Cressman say that she was going to kill him when she ran into the kitchen area of the house and rammed him and then stabbed him in the back. Ford advised he left the house to go to the neighbor’s to call the police and observed Cressman standing in the front yard with the kitchen knife in hand. 

Ford was transported by Southwest EMS to De Queen Medical Center, where he was treated, signed a medical release for the De Queen Police Department, and was released.

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