Joyce Lorton

Joyce Lorton, 46.

De Queen police arrested a De Queen woman, Joyce Lorton, 46, for theft of property less than $1,000, a Class A misdemeanor, after being turned over to them by Walmart security. 

The incident began on Saturday, Dec. 1, when  Ptl. Doug Johnson was dispatched to Walmart for a report of a shoplifter. 

“While en route, dispatch advised it would be a white female wearing a black shirt and blue jeans carrying a bag and that she was walking across the parking lot toward Simple Simon’s,” Johnson wrote in his report. “I located the female on the corner of Collin Raye Drive at the Walmart traffic light and escorted her back to the store.”

Johnson wrote that Lorton advised him that she did steal the items and wanted to speak to the loss prevention lady. 

“I advised Lorton of her rights under the Miranda Warning,” Johnson wrote. “She said she understood and would speak to me.”

Johnson wrote that he showed her the black bag she was carrying and asked her what was in the bag she had stolen. 

“She said that she had stolen all the items in the bag, that she described as makeup items, candy and cheese,” he wrote. 

Johnson said that he spoke with the loss prevention agent who said she was notified that a lady was denied returning items due to too many returns without receipts. 

“She went to look for her and observed Lorton pick up the Red Hot candy and cheese from the grocery section and go back to hardware and place the items in her purse,” Johnson wrote. 

According to Johnson, the agent then made contact with Lorton as she was leaving and she agreed to come back and talk to her but then took off running. 

“Lorton had a total of 16 items that totaled $64.17,” Johnson wrote, stating that the security agent provided a copy of the receipt for the stolen items as well as the security camera video. 

Lorton was then transported to the Sevier County Jail where she was again read her rights under the Miranda Warning, and interviewed. 

“She said she had stolen the items to sell to whoever would buy them,” Johnson wrote. 

Lorton was turned over to the jail staff for booking.


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