Bridgett Sparks

Bridgett Sparks

A De Queen woman, Bridgett Sparks, 35, was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia after a traffic stop by De Queen police uncovered a pair of meth pipes with residue in them.

The incident began on June 9 at approximately 7:20 p.m., when Patrolman Jarrin Platt was at La Chiquita restaurant on Stilwell and saw a white vehicle driving westbound that appeared to have an expired tag sticker on the license plate. Platt checked the vehicle's registration through dispatch and was advised the tags expired on May of 2019.

"I initiated my emergency lights and made a traffic stop on the vehicle on Poulan Drive near Red Bridge Road," Platt wrote in a press release. "I made a driver side approach on the vehicle and identified myself and the reason for the traffic stop. I asked for the driver's license and proof of insurance, at this time I was assisted by Sgt. W. Baker and he made a passenger side approach on the vehicle."

Platt asked Sparks if there was anything illegal inside the vehicle and was told, "no."

"I could see that Sparks's heartbeat had begun to beat rapidly and kept looking towards the passenger floorboard of her vehicle," Platt wrote. "I asked Sparks where she was coming from and she stated that she was headed to Chapel Hill Road to her kids, and that she was coming from her boyfriend's house on Lakeside Drive."

Sparks was asked to step out of the vehicle and she complied. Platt was then was advised by Baker that there was a set of black digital scales in the console of the vehicle.

"I asked Sparks about the scales and she said that she didn't know that the scales were in there," Platt wrote. "Sparks then told me that she did not care if I searched her vehicle…"

Platt said that he continued to search the driver side of the vehicle where he located two small clear plastic baggies containing suspected methamphetamine residue in the driver side door pocket. He also located another clear baggy containing suspected methamphetamine residue in a pocket that was connected to the console on the driver side of the vehicle.

"I continued to search the vehicle and found a clear glass pipe containing suspected methamphetamine residue in the passenger front seat under some clothes and a dark colored rag," Platt wrote. "I continued to search the rear of the vehicle and located a black lock box that Sparks told me had some busted stems inside."

Baker asked Sparks if it was a meth pipe inside the box and she said yes that there was. Sparks showed Platt where to find the keys to the lock box to open it and when opened, Platt found two clear glass pipes with suspected methamphetamine residue inside.

"I placed Sparks into custody and transported her to the De Queen Police Department where Sparks was read her rights under the Miranda Warning and agreed to answer questions, but did not want to make a written statement," Platt wrote. "I spoke with Sparks and she advised me that she did know that the meth pipes were in the black box. Sparks also said that she had smoked meth about four days prior to this day and she had forgotten that there was stuff in her vehicle."

Sparks was transported to the Sevier County Jail and charged.

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