Alexis Richards

Alexis Richards

Sevier County Deputy Justin Gentry was dispatched to 494 Chapel Hill Road on Monday, Dec. 31, for a call about an unwanted intoxicated person at the home. According to the dispatcher, the caller said that the suspect, Alexis Richards, 20, of Dierks, was banging her head against a car and trying to force her way into the residence.

"I arrived on scene, along with Sgt. Greg Davignon, and we made contact with Richards who was standing at the door under the carport," Gentry wrote in his report. "Sgt. Davignon told Richards to put her hands behind her back while we sorted out everything."

Gentry said that Richards put her hands behind her back and he grabbed her left arm to place handcuffs on her. Richards then tried to pull her arm away and turn around on him.

"She was told several times to put her hands behind her back, and we had to force her arms behind her back in order to place handcuffs on her," Gentry wrote. "I then walked Richards to Sgt. Davignon's patrol vehicle and I attempted to lock her handcuffs and Richards tried to pull away from me several times."

Gentry said that Davignon spoke to Jamie and Blake Patterson who stated that Richards showed up to the residence and they asked her to leave.

"They stated she became irate at that and she clawed Jamie's arm and abdomen," Gentry wrote. "They got her outside and locked the door. They said that Richards tore the screen door under the carport trying to get back inside. She then went to her vehicle and started banging her head against the car."

Jamie Patterson declined to press charges against Richards for the marks on him and the damage to his door. Richards was then transported to the Sevier County Sheriff's Office to be processed on the charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

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