Keegan McCoy

Keegan McCoy prepares his chicken at the county 4-H BBQ Contest held last month.


Sevier County 4-H held their annual Chicken BBQ on March 25. There were 41 kids competing for a chance to go on to District 4-H BBQ. Each 4-H’er cooked a whole chicken, cut in half, on a charcoal grill. 

The 4-H’er could use the seasoning of their choice. They were judged on how well they could start a charcoal fire, control the fire, food safety and handling, and how well they cooked the chicken. When the chicken was done, they picked their best half to be judged on appearance, color, doneness, and taste.

Richard Pearce and Steve McDougal from Tyson Foods and Jerry Ligon and Joey Shaver from Brothers Keepers MC 34 judged the competition. Tyson Foods also made a donation to 4-H which was used to purchase chicken for the contest.

The top 10 4-H’ers will compete at the District Poultry BBQ that will be held at the Clark County Fairgrounds in Arkadelphia on May 2. They will be given the choice to cook either a chicken or a turkey breast.

The Cloverbuds, ages 5 to 8 years old, who participated in the barbecue were Sunni Mason, Rustin Frachiseur, Leighton Frachiseur, RJ Smith, Caselyn VanVoast, Kyleigh Midgett, Halton Smith, Kase Smith, and Izabella Nelson. While they aren’t old enough to compete at district level, this is a great way to get started in grilling.

The top 10 winners were: Kix Lee, Laikyn Morris, Raylee VanVoast, Kaedon Davis, Brady Haarmeyer, Gavin Carver, Alley Stinson, Trey Mason, Amber Morris, and Raegon Frachiseur. If for some reason they aren’t able to attend the district competition, the alternates, Kaydee Cowling, Bella Baker, Evan Frachiseur, and Kate Baker, will fill in.

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