On the first Monday of July, the Horatio City Council convened to pass Ordinance 412, which amends a 1997 ordinance regulating manufactured homes within city limits.

To comply with the new regulations, manufactured homes must be situated so the longest side of the home faces the street with a minimum of 10 feet setback between properties. 

The manufactured home must have the transport elements removed, and the underpinned materials, foundations and connections for electricity, gas, water and drainage system must be permanent. Each home can only host one family, and the roof must be made of a fiberglass, shake, asphalt, tile, copper or metal.

Mayor Rich Dorsey estimated that less than 20 Horatio citizens will be affected by the amended ordinance.

“A lot of our lots are built more elongated, so people are squeezing in mobile homes on main streets,” Dorsey said. “They’re fitting in more mobile homes that way, but at the same time, it’s kind of decreasing the beauty of the city.”

For the requirements that the longest side of the manufactured home face the street and the minimum 10-feet setback, current manufactured homes do not have to make a change until the homes change owners or are destroyed. For the rest of the requirements, owners have six months to fit regulations.

In response to the ban on dumpster diving passed during last month’s city council meeting, some Horatio citizens have expressed dissatisfaction with the new law. More than one city dumpster was set on fire.

“The city dumpsters are city property,” Dorsey said.

According to the mayor, the city would be liable if someone hurt themselves while dumpster diving. He said tearing the trash bags also leads to animals getting into the trash and strewing it across the ground.

“It just kind of goes along with the city beautification that we’re leaning toward right now,” Dorsey said. “We’re just trying to keep the city clean.”

The Horatio City Council also hired Rachel Chandler as the office clerk. She will start work on July 17.

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