Logan Pearce

A De Queen man who had made overtures to De Queen and Sevier County government officials to build the world’s largest knife and solidify the city’s reputation as the knife making capital of the world, was arrested and has been charged with a federal larceny/theft felony and is being held in the McCurtain County Jail in Idabel, Okla.

Logan Pearce, 35, of De Queen, was picked up on a felony warrant by local law enforcement and held at the Sevier County Jail until being extradited last week to McCurtain County. According to a McCurtain County Sheriff’s Office incident report, the charge involves using another person’s bank account to pay his credit card bills in the amount of $12,827.64. Transactions occurred between Feb. 4, 2019 and July 27, 2020.

According to McCurtain County Sheriff’s Investigator John Jones, on Nov. 3, 2020, he spoke to the victim, an ex-girlfriend of Pearce, who stated that he had taken several thousand dollars from her account.

“She stated that she was in a dating relationship with Logan for several years and they did have a bank account that they shared,” Jones wrote in his report. “She stated they both also had their own accounts that they neither had access to the others.”

 Jones wrote that the victim had told him that she had an account that only she had access to and that Pearce never had permission to get into. She said that the only way she thinks Pearce may have accessed this account is one time she asked him to send her a picture of a check from that account so that she could get the account number and that he must have still had that picture. She said that the account had some money in it because some her grandfather’s life insurance money went into it, $8,107 she knew about so far.

The victim also told Jones that family had reached out to Pearce and that he had messaged her offering to pay her back via a message on Instagram.

Jones wrote that he had met with Pearce on Dec. 7, 2020 the sheriff's office.

“I explained to Logan that the interview was non-custodial and completely voluntary,” Jones wrote. “I further explained that the door was unlocked and that he was free to leave at any time. He stated that he understood.”

 Jones asked Pearce about his relationship with the victim and he stated they had been together for a while but never married. Pearce told Jones that they had a bank account that they shared but also some they did not.

“I asked Logan if he had some credit cards and he said yes,” Jones wrote. “I then asked him why he was using one of her personal accounts to pay off his credit cards. He stated that he thought he was using his own account but that her family had told him he was using hers and that he did not know that he was.”

Jones said he asked him how he didn't realize the money was not coming out of his account and was told he didn't pay much attention to his bank account, that he just put money in it when it got low.

Jones showed him that $1,240 dollars had been taken out of her account between July 20 and 24, and asked him if he would not realize that over a $1,000 dollars didn't come out of his account in less than a week.

“He then informed me he made knives for a living and that he sells to ex-presidents and that a knife like that can go for $30,000-$40,000 dollars,” Jones wrote. “He later told me that he did not have much money and lived check to check. He eventually got mad and told me all I was doing was calling him a liar. I told him I felt like he was lying to me.”

Pearce ended the interview and left. Two days later, on Dec. 9, 2020, the victim contacted Jones again and said that Pearce had emailed her, stating that he was informed she felt he stole from her.

“He does not admit to stealing any money but tells her that he will pay her the full amount in the next couple days,” Jones wrote. “He goes on to tell her about personal problems and that he misses her. He tells her he got a lawyer over the matter and that he was going against the lawyer’s advice by reaching out to her.”

 Jones said that Pearce never paid back the victim and that bank statements from Feb. 4, 2019 to July 27, 2020 were analyzed and every transaction to one of Pearce's credit cards was noted, which totaled $12,827 to four different card payments.

In 2019, Pearce was a frequent visitor to De Queen City Council and Sevier County Quorum Court meetings, promising to build a 30-foot knife that would affirm De Queen’s place as the knife-making capital of the world, due to the many master bladesmiths who operate in the local area. City officials, enthralled with Pearce’s plan, ordered signs that proclaimed the city as being the world’s knife-making capital, a brand Pearce hoped to trademark.

Pearce also told the council that he was working with UA Cossatot officials on offering knife-making classes

 “People are excited about it without any marketing plan at all,” Pearce told the council in September 2019.

De Queen Mayor Jeff Brown later issued a proclamation declaring the city the knife-making capital that was presented at the 2019 Hurrah Days festival, which had a “Forged in Fire” knife-making exhibit and competition that year that was set up by Pearce.

Pearce, in a 2019 interview, said that he was a third generation knife maker whose grandfather was a knife making legend that handed down his skills and talents to his grandson. Upon his passing, Pearce said he moved the family business to Tulsa, Okla, where he was attending college and pondering law school. He said at the time that given a choice between continuing his education or running a highly successful knife-making business, he chose the latter and said he was moving the business back to De Queen.  

Tragedy struck Pearce though, when on Nov. 30, 2020, as he ran an errand, his grandfather’s shop burned to the ground and on Dec. 1, 2020, Pearce organized a gofundme account to raise money to replace the building

“Come on 2020! Geez. I thought I had made it through this year,” Pearce wrote. “As I replay my last moments in the shop...the only way I see this being possible is that a spark from my grinder caught the handle material dust,” he wrote on the site. “All of my equipment that I have used for the last 20+ years was destroyed as well as the building. Luckily! My beanie baby collection is still safe. The goal amount is what a metal building costs. I will be starting over from nothing. I will video and keep everyone posted as I rebuild!”

As of Feb. 22, he had raised $3,152 from 52 donors with a goal of raising $14,000.

A court date for Pearce was not available. 

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