Marqueen Wilburn

Marqueen Wilburn

A Lockesburg man, Marqueen Wilburn, 30, was charged by sheriff deputies with DWI #2 after he was found parked in the middle of a highway around 2:37 a.m. on April 12.

According to the report, Sevier County Sheriff’s Deputy Dalton Sherck was dispatched to the area of Highway 371 and Silver Ridge road in reference to a vehicle sitting in the middle of the roadway with a blinker on. Sherck said that upon his arrival, he noticed a red four-door car sitting in the middle of the westbound lane on Highway 371 just before you reach Silver Ridge road.

Sherck made a passenger side approach and noticed a man, later identified as Wilburn, asleep in the driver seat. He said that the vehicle was not in park and appeared that his foot was on the brake. Both doors were locked and the windows were up except the driver’s side window, which was down enough that he was able to slide his arm through and slide it down the rest of the way.

“I attempted to put the vehicle in park but was unsuccessful,” Sherck wrote in his report. “I then attempted to wake the driver and after a few attempts he finally woke up.”

Upon awakening, Wilburn put the vehicle in park and stepped out of the car. Sherck wrote that he could smell alcohol coming from him and that he patted him down for weapons but did not find any.

“At this time I placed Wilburn into handcuffs and placed him into the backseat of my unit,” Sherck wrote. Sherck then moved the vehicle from the middle of the road to the shoulder as well as his own vehicle.

“Wilburn stated that he was leaving Fayetteville headed to his residence in Bentonville and he started having car troubles,” Sherck wrote. “I asked Wilburn if he knew where he was and he stated on his way home again. I advised Wilburn that he is roughly four and a half hours from Fayetteville.”

After checking the vehicle for alcohol, he asked him again where he was coming from and Wilburn stated he had left Nashville headed to De Queen to stay with his girlfriend. He said he had been drinking earlier in the day.

Wilburn blew a 0.142, well over the legal limit in Arkansas, which is 0.08.

Due to the location, Sherck was unable to do any field sobriety tests on the roadway. Deputy JJ. Lopez stayed with the vehicle while Sherck transported Wilburn to the sheriff’s office for suspicion for driving while intoxicated. There he performed field sobriety tests.

Wilburn was charged with DWI #2 along with driving on a suspended license. Wilburn was charged with DUI alcohol on March 8, 2021. Wilburn’s vehicle was impounded by Bypass wrecker service.

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