Reuben Gathright

Reuben Gathright

On Dec. 31, at approximately 7:48 p.m., Sevier County Sheriff’s Deputy Sgt. Justin Gentry was dispatched to 145 W. Pine in Lockesburg to speak to Reuben Gathright, 28, of Lockesburg, about a physical domestic situation that had occurred at a separate residence earlier in the night. 

According to a sheriff’s office report, Gathright told Gentry that he had been in a physical altercation with his girlfriend, Caitlynn Leslie, 22, at 161 W. Pine in Lockesburg, and he came to the other residence to get away from her. Gathright told Gentry that they had both been drinking and that he had several friends over at the house for a New Year’s Eve party. 

“Gathright stated he had been drinking some but he didn’t appear unsteady on his feat and wasn’t slurring his words,” Gentry wrote in the report. 

Gathright told Gentry that Leslie had been drinking heavily and that his friends were wanting to leave because of how she was acting. Gathright said that he told Leslie everybody was leaving because of her attitude and he said they got into a verbal argument. Gathright told his niece to get his two sons so they could leave. He said that Leslie then hit him several times in the face and he reacted by hitting her a few times back. He said he then got his kids and went down to the residence where Gentry located him to call the police. 

According to Gentry’s report, Gathright’s face was puffy and he had slight bruising above his right eye. Gathright stated he didn’t want to press charges on Leslie for hitting him and he was asked to write a statement while Gentry went to contact Leslie after taking photographs of his face. 

Gentry returned to the 161 W. Pine address, assisted by Deputy Isaac Alvarado, where he spoke to Leslie, the niece and her mother, Whitley Williams. Alvarado spoke to a witness outside while Gentry spoke to Leslie, who he said was crying and “very emotional.” 

“She also appeared to be very intoxicated and was slurring her words,” Gentry wrote in his report. 

Leslie told him that her and Gathright had friends over for a New Year’s Eve party and that she had asked a female to get out of her chair when she returned from checking on the kids. She said that the female got up and she was playing cards with some friends when Gathright told her people were leaving because of her attitude. Leslie said that she started to argue with Gathright and that he  grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the ground hard. Leslie said that Gathright then hit her at least three times in the face. 

Leslie said that after she got off the ground, she hit Gathright several times and at one point, she and Gathright were hitting each other at the same time. Leslie was complaining of her chin and jaw hurting, the left side of her face, and her back, and said she has a pre-existing condition involving her back. She also said that she was having trouble moving her thumbs and she asked Whitley Williams to write her statement for her. 

Gentry wrote that he saw possible bruising on the left side of Leslie’s face and that Whitley Williams told him that she was taking her to the hospital to be examined. Leslie said that she did not want to press charges against Gathright. 

Alvarado collected a written statement from a witness, where she said that Ben (Reuben Gathright) had been arguing with Leslie earlier in the day but they had made up afterwards. She also said that during the party, Leslie asked a female to get out of her chair and shortly afterwards all the party guest left. 

The witness said that Gathright asked her to get his two boys and put them in his truck and that while she was outside, she saw Gathright grab Leslie by the hair and throw her across the room. The witness stated that Gathright then started hitting Leslie in the face with a closed fist and that he hit her at least three times. The witness said that she never saw Leslie hit Gathright. 

Gentry returned to the 145 W. Pine address and arrested Gathright for domestic battering in the third degree. 

“He asked if Caitlynn was being arrested, and I advised him that due to her needing medical attention, I would be filing for a warrant of arrest for her,” Gentry wrote. 

Gathright was then transported to the Sevier County Jail to be processed on his charges and the DHS Child Abuse Hotline was contacted.



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