Laura Broach

Laurie Broach, 45.

A Lockesburg woman was cited for theft of property less than $1,000, after being turned over to De Queen police by Walmart security. 

Laurie Broach, 45, was jailed on Nov. 30, after being viewed on store video cameras taking merchandise. 

According to De Queen police, Pfc. Bucky Sawyer was dispatched to Walmart in reference to a shoplifter. Upon arrival he made contact with an asset protection agent who was detaining Broach. 

The agent said she noticed Broach not scanning items and bagging them. Sawyer took the agent’s statement, a picture of the stolen items and video. 

“I placed Broach into custody and transported her to the Sevier County Jail where I read her the Miranda Warning,” Sawyer wrote in his report. “She signed the warning and agreed to answer questions.”

Sawyer wrote that he asked Broach what happened at Walmart and she said she stole some items. 

“I asked Broach how she was stealing the items and she said she would scan some items and then not scan others and just put them in a bag,” he wrote. “Broach said she was guilty and that she did take the items.”

Sawyer said that he asked Broach if she had the money to pay for the items and she said she did but wasn’t for sure if she had enough at the time. 

“Broach said she didn’t feel like she could get away with stealing the items so once she was done checking out, she went to the ATM and found that she did have enough money to purchase all the items,” Sawyer wrote. “Broach didn’t want to write a statement and she was turned over to the jail staff to be processed. I cited Broach for theft of property.”

According to the police report, Broach is accused of taking blankets, pet toys, dolls, shim leggings, t-shirts, men’s socks, kid toys, rubberbands, Jeggings, men’s shirts, men’s jogger pants, hoodies, Pokemon trading cards and a two-piece sleep set totaling $197.16.

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