The Gillham High School Alumni hosted the annual high school reunion Saturday, June 29. 

The following were in attendance:

Lorena McBroom, Donna Riggs, Troy McBroom, Mikale McBroom, Jerry Chenowth, Patsy Stemple, Don Stemple, Nadine Brewer Frachiseur, Howard Frachiseur, Karen Mills, Jerry Burch, Gigi Pedley McRae and Mac McRae, Nora Graves, Tammy Henson, Brenda Wilcher, Lamma Beckwith Von Hutton, Preston Hobson, Gwen Vann, James Mangus, Jerral and Linda Haarmeyer, David and Brenda Haarmeyer, Madge Spurgin Peugh, Lila Spurgin Williams, Cindy Ellis, Chris Ellis, Anne Whitley Chandler and James, Bill and Shirley Whitley, Meveline Brewer Blackwell, Don Blackwell, Betty Jones Ray, Roger and Leian Watkins Bruster, Felton and Carolyn Vaught, Robert and Shelley Newberry, Dalton Higgins, Debbie Turner Neal, Zack and Pearl Frachiseur, June Wheeler, Carl Higgins, Verba Lee Birge, Joy Smith Simmons, Marian Smith Bailey, Rick Roady, Noel Bard, Myra Higgins Buchanan, Bill Ward, Gail Willmon Daniel, Houston M. Barton, Mary Sue Sharp Cook, Lisa Austin, Marlene Bevill, Ann Thomas, Donna Hunter, Jimmy Wise, Emma Lee Mickle, Charolette Mickle, Freda Arndt, Wanda Gore, Vernon Gore, Sandra Hillburn, Lynda Roady, Kent Bard, Mark Frachiseur, Joy Carpenter Byrd and Marlie, and Tommy Stark.

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