Sevier County 4-H announced the record book winners of 2018. 

Record Book Winners:

Clover Buds are done on county level only:

Asher Morris, Kambree Haarmeyer, Caselynn VanVoast, Mika Baker, Leighton Frachiseur, Rustin Frachiseur, Reagan Frachiseur, Pace Frachiseur

Junior and Intermediate Record Books are judged for District Awards. District winners received a trophy at the District O’Rama in June. The following were district winners and received county awards also:

Monica Rivas, Landon Frachiseur, Brady Haarmeyer, Bella Baker, Evin Frachiseur, Brayden Frachiseur, Raylee VanVoast, Jacob Seymour, Amber Morris, Hunter Frachiseur, Mallori Marshall, Aubrey Seymour, Kate Baker, Attalee Frachiseur, Alec Frachiseur

Others receiving county awards for Junior and Intermediate Record Books were:

Kaden Davis, Gavin Carver, Blake Sawyer, Matthew Maben, Kane Faulkenberry, Jake Sawyer.

Senior Record Book winners were:

Veronica Rivas, Brennen Seymour. Veronica was a State Record Book winner also. She will be going on an expense paid trip and received a scholarship.

The achievement awards were awarded to the 4-H’ers who achieved the goals set by the Leaders Organization last October which included attending one county activity (County O’Rama or Poultry BBQ contest) and two non-competitive activities or workshops held in the county or six non-competitive activities or workshops. The 37 4-H’ers achieving this goal include:

Reagan Frachiseur, Jake Seymour, Hunter Frachiseur, Brayden Frachiseur, Attalee Frachiseur, Landon Frachiseur, Pace Frachiseur, Leighton Frachiseur, Evin Frachiseur, Gavin Carver, Rustin Frachiseur, Kambree Haarmeyer, Brady Haarmeyer, Caselyn VanVoast, Raylee VanVoast, Ethan Wolcott, Evan Wolcott, Veronica Rivas, Monica Rivas, Dori Bartek, James Bartek, Kyle Williamson, Katie Williamson, Amber Morris, Aubrey Seymour, Aubrey Williams, JoHannah Swan, Alec Frachiseur, R.J. Smith, Asher Morris, Megan Midgett, Kyleigh Midgett, Trey Mason, Kaden Davis, Madison Bagley, Zae-Lei Frachiseur, Brennen Seymour.

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