This fall, the Sevier County Tourism Committee, the Chamber of Commerce and the Sevier County Economic Development director are asking for the community’s support as they launch a “Love Local” online tourism review campaign. This campaign will involve everyone’s input from local community members to visitors of Sevier County. 

County leaders are challenging residents of Sevier County to speak up and share reviews online about local dining, shopping, events, attractions, and service-related businesses in Sevier County. By leaving an online review through Trip Advisor, Facebook, Google, or another online platform, Sevier County will receive more promotion. Individuals who blog or write in any platform are also encouraged to share more about why they love Sevier County and highlight specific locations. 

“We know that so many people use these online tools to plan their vacations, day trips and weekend destinations,” said Keisha McKinney, Economic Development Tourism chairperson. “When they find one of our local Sevier County spots through tier research, we want them to know what we love about our town; our favorite dish at a local restaurant, why we love a certain spot at the lake, or who always has the clothes or accessories that fit our individual style.” 

When county residents visit a local business or see something beautiful, unique or exciting in Sevier County, they are now encouraged to post a review about it on the Internet or through a tourism review smart phone app.

Business owners will be asked to show their support by encouraging their staff to ask customers about their experience while also promoting review participation.

“We are encouraging our business owners to participate, respond to the reviews, make sure their menus and sales are shared and that their staff know there is an emphasis on customer’s experiences,” said Lisa Taylor, Economic Development director. 

The goal of this campaign is to increase awareness of Sevier County restaurants, attractions, entertainment venues and service organizations and attract new and returning visitors throughout the fall travel season.

“On any given day, over the next few months, our community will encounter out-of-state guests for the first time; day trippers looking for ATV trails, road bike courses or a quiet day on the lake.” McKinney said. “These visitors will be searching for beautiful views or fall’s changing colors on one of the state’s historic byways traversing a national forest. We can be a destination at the beginning or end of their trip when they need a restful spot for the evening and something to fill their hungry bellies. Sevier County can meet those needs and no one can tell them about it more than the people who get to enjoy it as a local.” 

With everyone’s positive insight, thoughts and feedback displayed and submitted online, the county’s web presence will advance, curious visitor’s questions will be answered and looming ambiguity can be erased, resulting in an increased awareness of Sevier County. 

For more information about the “Love Local” online tourism review campaign, e-mail Lisa Taylor at

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