The Sevier County Sheriff’s Department December 2019 report. There were 83 total bookings into the jail. The school resource officer worked six complaints at the high school three at the elementary school, and a total of nine juveniles being charged in juvenile court. 

In the Provo, Green’s Chapel and Red Wing areas, deputies spent 103 hours on patrol and answered 11 complaints. They made 12 traffic stops and issued two citations, 14 warnings and made three arrests. Deputies made 88 building checks. 

In Lockesburg, deputies logged 245 hours, answering 37 complaints and responding to eight accidents. They performed 58 traffic stops issuing 58 warnings, and made two arrests. They made 226 building checks and made five civil process services.

In the Ben Lomond area, deputies spent 27 hours answering five complaints and responding to three accidents. They made two traffic stops, issued two warnings. They performed 17 building checks and made one civil service process. 

In the Central area, deputies logged 70 hours, responding to 10 complaints and one accident. They made now traffic stop and issued one warning. They made 40 building checks. 

In Horatio, sheriff deputies logged 441 hours responding to 37 complaints and six accidents. They made 39 traffic stops, issued two citations, 36 warnings and made seven arrests. They served four civil process services and made 665 building checks and four residential checks.

In the Gillham area, deputies spent 145 hours, answered 13 complaints and responded to two accidents. They made 21 traffic stops and issued 23 warnings, making one arrest. They checked on 338 buildings and one residence.

In the Chapel and Beacon Hill, West Line and Otis areas, deputies spent 112 hours, answered nine complaints and responded to one accident. They performed six traffic stops, issued six warnings and made two arrests. They served papers once and made 11 building checks.

In De Queen deputies put in 794 hours, answered 65 complaints and responded to seven accidents. They made 50 traffic stops, issued 10 citations, 43 warnings and made 11 arrests. There were 13 civil process services and 16 building checks made. 

Sheriff personnel spent 49 hours out of the county, 52 hours in court and 46 hours doing paperwork. They drove a total of 21,358 miles, spent 2,201.5 total hours on duty and used 1,424.18 gallons of gas.

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