Sevier County Sheriff’s Deputy Isaac Alvarado Jr. was patrolling  the Lockesburg area on Saturday May 15, when at approximately 11:42 p.m. , he observed a white 2015 Chevy Cruze traveling southbound on Hwy. 71, drive left of center and fail to maintain their lane of traffic.

Alvarado Jr. conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle in the area of Old Time Gospel Church off Hwy. 71 and made contact with the driver, later identified as Shana Ray.

As he was receiving driver information, he smelled alcohol coming from Ray and also observed an open Busch Light beer on the front passenger floorboard and an opened 30 pack of Busch Light behind the front passenger seat. In his report, Alvarado Jr. said that Ray told him that she had not been drinking and became defensive about taking a breath test.

Alvarado Jr. had Ray exit the vehicle so she could give a breath sample and she attempted to give several but was unable to due to insufficient airflow. After the failed attempts, Ray admitted to drinking previously about two and a half hours earlier at Shucks Me restaurant in Hochatown, Okla. She told Alvarado Jr. that she drank a beer at the restaurant and then another after. She also said that she had consumed two beers out of the 30 pack and left the rest with a friend.

After completing a series of field sobriety tests, she was asked if she would like to attempt to blow on the portable breath test to assure she was not over the legal limit of .08. She complied and gave a breath sample reading of .95.

She was placed under arrest for suspicion of driving while intoxicated and transported to the Sevier County Detention Center to read her DWI Rights and receive a breath sample.

On the way to the booking area of the detention center, Ray stated she needed to use the restroom. She was advised that as soon as all the DWI paperwork was completed, she could use the restroom. Ray refused to wait and urinated in the booking area.

Shana gave a finalized breath sample of .083 BAC on the intoximeter. Informed that she had the right for additional test at her own expense, she stated that she wanted to pay for the additional test and was transported to Howard Memorial where she could get a test sample of her choice.

After a lab technician received blood drawn from Ray, she was transported back to the Sevier County Detention Center to complete the booking process for DWI. She was issued a citation for DWI and given a copy of the Arkansas DWI receipt of driver’s license forfeiture and a verbal warning for the left of center and no proof of insurance violation.

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