Jorge Yanez

Jorge Yanez, 21.

A De Queen man, Jorge Yanez, 21, was charged with a felony after a Sevier County Sheriff deputy found him illegally in possession of a gun.

The incident began on Wednesday, Dec. 5, at around 9:45 p.m. Sgt. Greg Davignon was on patrol in Horatio and had just finished some security checks, when he observed Yanez walk from around the side of the old gas station located at the intersection of Main Street and Williams Street.

"As the suspect walked closer to my location on Main Street, I believe he noticed that I was law enforcement and then crossed the street to avoid me," Davignon wrote in his report.

Davignon said that he then drove across the street towards Yanez to find out why he had come from the side of that business.

"When I made contact with Yanez, he stated that his last name was Marrufo," Davignon wrote. "As I stepped out of my vehicle, I observed that Yanez had a large bulge in the front of his waistline. I also observed that Yanez had a slight odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his person."

Davignon then asked Yanez if he had any weapons on him and Yanez told him he had a gun.

"I then ordered Yanez to lay on the ground face down," Davignon wrote. "Yanez did not comply with my demands and had to be told at least six different times to get on the ground. At one point Yanez stated that I was going to have to shoot him."

Davignon said that after a few moments of having Yanez at gunpoint, he finally got on top of him and placed his hands behind his back and placed him in handcuffs. At that point Yanez was advised of his Miranda Rights and Davignon removed a loaded .40 caliber Hi-point handgun from his waistline that was camo in color.

"Yanez stated that his girlfriend had kicked him out and that is why he was out walking," Davignon wrote. "I later discovered that Yanez had prior felony convictions that prevented him from possessing a firearm."

Yanez was taken to the jail and processed for possession of firearms by certain persons, a class D felony.

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