James Horn

James Horn

A Lockesburg man, James Horn, 46, was arrested and charged with a Class D felony, possession of a controlled substance police believe to be methamphetamine, after a Sevier County Sheriff's deputy noticed unusual behavior in a vehicle Horn and another woman were sitting in out front of the Lockesburg EZ Mart.

According to the sheriff's department report, Deputy Greg Harper, on Thursday, Feb. 7 at approximately 3:35 a.m., stopped at the EZ Mart store and while walking in, noticed a white Ford pickup truck parked in front of the store, occupied by Horn and a white female, later identified as Susan Nolte.

Harper said in the report that Horn was acting strangely and was bouncing around and moving frantically in the driver's seat, which through Harper's experience, made it apparent that Horn was under the influence of an illegal substance. Harper walked back out to the patrol car and parked across the street in the grocery store parking lot and observed Horn's continued strange behavior.

He contacted the EZ Mart store and spoke with a store employee, asking how long the truck had been sitting in the parking lot and was told that is had been there for a while.

At this time he pulled up beside he truck and made contact with Horn, when it became even more apparent that he was under the influence of an illegal substance. He asked Horn to exit the truck and while he did, he witnessed Horn throwing a cloth, rainbow colored glasses case into the driver's side floorboard.

Harper then asked Nolte to exit the vehicle and she complied.

"While talking with Horn, he was extremely nervous and could not stand still," Harper wrote in his report.

After talking with Nolte, Harper returned to the driver's side of the truck and asked Horn if there was anything illegal in the truck? Horn told him, "man, I don't have anything on me. I just want to go home."

Harper asked Horn if he had a problem with him looking through the truck and was told no. Harper asked Nolte if she had anything on her person that he needed to know about and she stated just the medicine that the doctor gave her.

Harper asked Horn to open the truck door and Horn and after opening it, Harper saw the glasses case laying on the floorboard and asked Horn to retrieve it. Inside, Harper found two clear plastic baggies containing a white crystal-like substance believed to be methamphetamine.

"At this time Horn was placed under arrest for possession of a controlled substance methamphetamine," Harper wrote. Harper also detained Nolte.

Horn was advised of his Miranda Rights and stated he would talk to Harper about the contents of the glasses case. Horn said that the suspected methamphetamine belonged to him. Per Horn's request, Harper released the truck to Nolte and then transported Horn to the Sevier County Jail where he was turned over to the on duty jail staff for booking procedures.

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